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rustic bedroom with timber panel wall and grey bedding

Rustic Bedding Ideas: Style Tips (and Where to Shop) for a Relaxed Bedroom Look

It’s time to take your rustic bedding ideas from fantasy to reality. And in this post, I’m going to give you a tonne of inspiration to help you do it. I’ll also point you toward some top suppliers who produce rustic bedding sets, so you can shop away and make some magic happen at your place.

There’s been a dramatic shift away from the crisp, perfectly made bed. I mentioned in my recent nature-inspired bedroom post here that we’re yearning to be more connected to nature, and I still believe that’s why rustic bedrooms are becoming so popular. With so many gadgets in our lives, we want our homes to feel earthy, organic and tactile. And it all starts in the bedroom.

Of course, not all of us have stone walls, log beds, a wooden ceiling or a stone fireplace in our bedroom. But you don’t have to go full throttle to evoke a rustic vibe here. Put away the antler chandeliers and simply follow these tips to make your bedding feel rustic yet modern (because we always love to take a modern approach!).

The hero image in this post comes via Madras Link.

rustic bed linen eadie lifestyle farmhouse bedroom
eadie lifestyle do great rustic bedding. click to shop

Keep The Colour Scheme Nature-Inspired

Whether it’d a duvet cover, decorative pillow, comforter set or throw blanket, the common thread when it comes to rustic bedding is an earthy colour palette. It’s so important you don’t go crazy with bold hues here. You really gotta turn the colour down.

Think about it: those gorgeous log cabins you see in movies and TV shows with warm look rustic style are all pretty neutral. Most fabrics and soft furnishings like quilt sets are in tones you’d see outside in nature; white, soft grey, beige, brown, and black.

You’ll also see (in smaller doses) dark blues inspired by water, greens you’d see in a forest, and terracotta and ochres you’d catch in leaves and other foliage. Keeping away from bright tones, and opting for muddy or muted ones instead, allows the beauty of natural wood in things like bed frames and bedside tables to shine.

rustic bedroom timber wall panels rustic bedding aztec print
via joyfully growing

Include Some Rustic Patterns On Top Of The Bed

A rustic look bedroom doesn’t have to feel themey. In fact, the modern way to do it is to avoid cliches and give a nod to a rustic cabin or farmhouse style without it feeling like you’re on the set of Yellowjackets.

But one thing you do want to ensure you pick up from this unique style is pattern. You see it all the time in lodge style bedrooms. Here are some of the patterns you can showcase in your rustic quilts, sheets and pillows:

  • Pinstripe; white and soft grey are a winner here for sure
  • Plaid or gingham is a no-brainer; try it in a comforter across the lower half of the bed
  • Aztec patterns can also bring a traditional feel to the bedscape
  • A snowflake or leaf motif is also a nice touch in smaller moments like cushions
  • Patchwork patterns are great too, but keep the colour palette carefully considered

I should point out that I’d not recommend an entire patchwork quilt across your bed if you want a modern look. In a blanket at the foot of the bed, for sure. But restraint is key. You want it to be a cozy bedroom with a rustic theme, but keep relaxation and visual harmony front-of-mind.

grey organic bed linen in rustic bedroom
etsy have great makers producing bedding like the set above. click to shop.

Make Sure the Bedding is Made from Organic Materials

Remember at the start of this post I said that bedding sets were becoming less clean and crisp? It’s materials that play a crucial part in having them feel more lived-in, more relaxed.

It’s out with sheets and quilt cover sets made of silk, satin and polyester and in with more crumply, creased and scrunchy options. Again, think organic and nature-inspired with bedding materials and embrace sets made from linen, cotton and bamboo.

Don’t get too caught up in the idea of high thread-count either. It’s not as crucial as it used to be, and some low-count linens can actually feel wonderful on your skin. You’ll find that materials like natural linen are not only machine washable, but they’ll just get better with time too (they’re designed to soften with each wash).

Check out my video here where I road-tested some gorgeous luxury bed linen in my own home.

rustic throw blankets throws with fringing tassels fraying aztec pattern

Shop Rustic Throw Blankets: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Accessories with Fraying, Tassels and Ties are Key

It’s not just the materials themselves that are important in the rustic furnishings you buy, but the embellishments they come with too. Of course things like fitted and flat sheets are pretty standard; not many embellishments there. But things like cushions, throws, fleece blankets, pillow shams or cases is where the embellishments come into play.

Think about the edges of these pieces. You want some with freyed or fringed trims. You want a throw with tassels on each end. You want a cushion with a cable knit design that evokes cosiness. It’s all of these tactile finishes and embellishments that makes your master bedroom or even a secondary space feel warm, rustic and inviting.

Often an organic linen quilt cover set features a tie closure at the end or the quilt, or on the back of the pillow case. This is a nice minimal way to do rustic accents if you want to avoid some of the more texture-heavy ideas above.

i love linen grey and white stripe rustic bedding
i love linen stock stunning rustic designs

Add in Some Handmade Elements if You’re Crafty

A great way to take these rustic bedding ideas to the next level is to embrace some handmade items. Putting handmade items in your home is actually one of this year’s biggest interior design trends.

Now, some of you are crafty and some of you are not. I can openly admit I am by no means a DIY guru. I can barely use a hot glue gun. So you won’t see me creating a rustic headboard or accent wall in a home anytime soon.

For those of you who are though, a crochet blanket, a knitted throw, or even your own patchwork quilt is a great idea. They’ll all really shine in a rustic bedroom setting. Again, just make sure you take the modern approach by keeping the colours fairly neutral and consistent across the piece you make.

I’d think ahead and coordinate the accent piece to your quilt cover set. For example, a gorgeous knitted blanket in an array of brown colours would work wonderfully over white bedding . A bright turquoise and lime throw, not so much. That’s a different look.

rustic bedding ideas pony rider bedroom white ceiling timber beams
pony rider has the rustic, relaxed style nailed

Style the Bed in a Laidback, Casual Style

I’ve already shown you the video of my step-by-step guide to styling a bed, but you’ll find that one takes a more formal approach. It’s definitely all about layering up a lot of pillows and cushions, and there’s a lot of structure to the look.

When you’re focusing on rustic bedroom ideas though, it’s a more relaxed approach. And trust me, you don’t have to be an interior designer or decorator to style a stunning rustic bedscape. Here are some quick tips on styling a laidback, rustic bedding set:

  • Less is more when it comes to pillows. Six in total at the head of the bed is plenty
  • Let the pillows lay flatter as opposed to having them sit completely upright
  • Don’t go crazy with cushions; two in different sizes or shapes is enough
  • Avoid polyester fill cushions; feather-fill gives a plumper, more cosy look
  • Buy a quilt or duvet one size larger than your bed so it drapes over the side
  • Mix a pattern and a solid colour (ie striped sheets with block colour quilt cover set)
  • Don’t go crazy with things like faux fur throws; one throw at the end of the bed is plenty

Now that you know how to make the bed a rustic wonderland, it’s time to carry the look across the rest of the space.

aura home rustic vintage grey and white stripe linen
aura home do wonderful textures and patterns

Carry the Theme Across The Rest of the Home

I don’t want to turn this post on rustic bedding ideas into a whole-home showcase on rustic style, but we do like cohesion. So if you want to inject a few rustic vibes into other rooms, you need not do much.

In a bathroom, consider bath towels with tassels or fringing. I always say that it’s nice to connect the towels in your ensuite to the vibe of your bedding. You don’t want them to be a perfect match, but feel connected by some design element, like colour or texture.

In your dining room, you don’t need to go literal with pine cones on the table or have area rugs underneath it. Why not consider organic table top linens, so you can soften the look of the room without doing anything too permanent?

In a living space or sitting area, you might want to consider something more permanent (but very impressive) like wood paneling on the walls, or install some wood ceiling beams if you have high ceilings that can take something this dominant.

olive green organic french linen bedding rustic bedroom
via sleepmaker

Did you find these rustic bedding ideas helpful? I hope you’re now ready to shop with confidence and style with gusto! Drop me a comment below if you need any more help.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  1. Hi CHIS, I’m getting a bit stuck on ideas for my bedroom, first of all I want a more lux feel…. Black bedside tables with a draw and shelf more open looking, behind my bed is a wall that doesn’t go to the ceiling, which I’m thinking of panelling with wall sconces built in. BUT I also like rustic, I have lots of pure linen!! How would you marry the two styles? Thankyou Gail

  2. I know you say relaxed and less crisp but I couldn’t stand seeing my bedding with lots of “natural” wrinkles.
    I personally can’t see you letting go of The Chop Chris. lol

  3. Hi I was wondering if people were aware of the sliding timber doors problem. because they hang off a slider and are not attached to the floor in any way, they will rattle and knock slightly and it isn’t a nice good sleep noise. it is because of drafts and the difference in air temp and flow from other rooms especially if you love an open window.

    1. Hi Robyn, there are actually floor glides that generally come with theses doors and a notch in the door for it to slide along. Can be a challenge installing over carpet though . I just have a nice door stop (one of those rope style covered balls) which I prop against the door and it’s stops any rattling. Hope this helps.

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