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black flower quilt cover set in coastal bedroom with rattan headboard and rope pendant lights

Nature-Inspired Interiors: 4 Ways to Bring the Outdoors in (And Where to Shop It)

Nature inspired interiors have been on our minds of late. When I say ‘our’, I mean all of us collectively. In a modern world packed with so much cold and shiny technology, it’s only fair that we want to balance out that artificial, glossy feeling by being more connected to nature.

It’s a vibe that’s really prominent in the world of interiors at the moment. It even found it’s way into my 2021 interior design trends forecast, and it looks here to stay. 

The philosophy is simple really; we’re blurring the lines between inside and outside. We’re embracing greenery. We’re bringing the garden in. And we’re opting for the organic in furniture and decor. 

In today’s post I’ve teamed up with my mates at Lorraine Lea to style a few rooms with this nature inspiration in mind. I’ll also link you to a few of their gorgeous bedding and decor buys, so you can pull off the look yourself at home. Enjoy!

nature inspired bedroom with leaf quilt cover set and leaf wallpaper

Leafy Greens in the Bedroom

Nature inspired interiors really come alive in the bedroom because you have some major real estate on the walls and bed to play with. They’re both the perfect location to be unapologetic with a bold leaf motif, and you can go colourful or keep it neutral.

In fact, I’d recommend to choose one location for the bolder print and one location for a calmer one. You can have leaf patterns on both the walls and bed (you can see it in action above and below), but one should be the star and the other the supporting player. Things remain visually calm that way.

Balance Bold Moments with Calm Ones

Here, the bed is where I’ve gone bolder. I’d usually recommend you do it this way; calmer wallpaper that can work with a variety of bedding and decor, and then a louder quilt cover set. If you’re anything like me, you’ll update your bedding with the chance of season, so versatility is key.

Even though you have two prints here, and lush green tones, the space is still serene. That’s thanks to the amount of white and soft grey in other areas of the room.  Throw in some timber furniture where the wood grain is present and you have a wonderfully earthy and organic space.

green and white leaf pattern bedding light timber bedside table and white leaf wallpaper

Shop The Leafy Green Bedroom Look

I’ve styled this quilt cover set with a white sheet set, but there’s no reason you couldn’t pair it with grey, black or green sheets. If you look at the colours on the quilt cover and take one of them to put into your sheets, you’re onto a winner.

There’s also some lovely cushions, lamps and vases I’ll link you to below as well. You want materials like rattan, wicker etc to make the space feel organic, so make sure you include a bit of that too. And any cushions or throws you can bring in with frayed edges will also work wonders.

Here’s some of the best shoppable moments from the bedroom above:

If you’re keen on a darker, moodier nature inspired look, the next bedroom is sure to delight! 

black floral quilt cover set in nature bedroom with rattan headboard and timber bedside tables

Moody Florals in the Bedroom

If you’re a fan of a more dramatic moment in your home, then you definitely have the opportunity to take your nature inspired interior in a darker direction. It doesn’t have to be gloomy though, you just have to choose where your one moody moment will be.

In the bedroom above we already have a glorious grey feature wall, so the space is already feeling earthy. It made sense to run with that vibe and bring in a gorgeous floral quilt cover set. The black backdrop here keeps the space feeling dark and sumptuous, but the florals keep it playful.

Embrace the Darker Vibes

Florals on your bed are an amazing idea, so I would highly suggest you give them a go. But what I love about the bedding above is that it’s quite unexpected. Florals are normally put against a white backdrop, but I love the surprise element here of the darker foundation.

To keep it balanced I’ve used soft grey sheets and white pillows. And then to keep the look feeling natural and organic you’ll notice a decent amount of timber, rattan, rope, and softness in those delicious sheer curtains. Carry the look through to your artwork and you have a fully resolved room.

black flower quilt cover set in coastal bedroom with rattan headboard and rope pendant lights

Shop the Moody Florals Bedroom Look

What I love most about the look above is the amount of colour on the quilt cover set. It’s not too intense though, which is appreciated. The small scale of the print allows you to get a little razzle dazzle without it feeling overwhelming or dominant. 

And if you’re ever stuck in terms of what colours you can pair bedding like this with, just look to the tones in the floral print of the fabric. 

I see tones of lavender, dusty blush, soothing green and sunny yellows. All of these will work in decorative pieces around the space, or in artworks you might want to put above the bed. 

Here’s some of the best shoppable moments from the bedroom above:

If you love nature inspired interiors that thinks outside the box, the next bedroom has your name written all over it. 

grey velvet curved headboard purple rock quilt cover set boho bedroom rattan lamps

Pebble Patterns in the Bedroom

Now here’s a look you don’t expect to find its way into a nature-inspired feature, but I love the sense of the unexpected here. Sure, leaves and flowers are an obvious choice when you think of nature, but who says pebbles and stones can’t be celebrated too?

This is definitely a look for colour lovers, and those of you who like rocking a dazzling pattern at home. But, I’ve been pretty restrained in my use of bold moments. Of course, the bedding is what draws the eye, but the rest of the room tones things down and keeps it earthy.

Pairing the bold gemstone quilt cover set with an oyster sheet set is a nice way to create a sense of balance. It can’t be all crazy and colourful. Accessories on bedside tables tend to follow the same approach on the colour front. It’s all about letting the bedding be the moment.

purple pebble quilt cover pattern bedding in boho bedroom with rattan bedside table

Shop the Pebble Patterns Bedroom Look

Like with the other looks in this nature inspired interiors feature, the smart move when it comes to pairing sheets with a bold quilt cover set like this is to look to the colours already present. The pebble print features tones like beige, teal, charcoal and muted terracotta. 

With that in mind, I would choose a sheet set (and decorative pieces in the space) that are in some of those colours. That way, the space will feel cohesive and resolved.

Here’s some of the best shoppable moments from the bedroom above:

Last but not least, a few tips on bringing the indoors out are below.

blue and white tropical print outdoor dining placemats on timber table blue and white outdoor placemats on timber dining table in backyard

Carry the Nature Inspiration Outside Too

So, I know I said this was all about brining the outdoors in. But you gotta make sure your outdoor areas aren’t neglected, so I think it’s just as important to bring the indoors out. That means mixing some interior items (like dinnerware) with gorgeous new-season outdoor buys.

When it comes to outdoor spaces, you’re afforded the opportunity to be a bit bolder with your style and colour choices. You’re not sitting in these zones all day and all night, so you can turn up the visual intensity.

There are also less walls boxing you in when you’re outside, so bold tones don’t feel as powerful. For example, I love the idea of bold blue accents against a white foundation in decorative pieces like cushions, sitting against a lush green backdrop. It feels very summery.

The moral of the story: don’t be afraid to evoke fun in your alfresco areas. Nobody says nature inspired design has to be so serious, especially when you’re entertaining outdoors!

blue and white tropical outdoor cushions and round outdoor rug

Shop Some of This Divine Outdoor Decor

I’ll pop links to some of the dazzling outdoor decor pieces below so you can grab some for your summer entertaining adventures this season.

How do you make your nature inspired interiors shine? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Let me know if any of these looks are taking your fancy. 


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  1. Hi Chris
    I have a king size bed.
    I am having trouble finding a throw which is wide enough to go across the end of the bed and hang a bit down each side.
    Do you know of any?
    I have been to a lot of sites and shops – the comment fromthe retailers is “they are not available for a king bed, so you would have to have one specially made”
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Lynne, I know your frustration but I have the solution! Lorraine Lea offer Super King sized Quilt covers which are perfect for the over hang you are looking for on your King Bed. Browse on my ‘shoppable’ website http://www.lorrainelea.com/stylists/8065 and I am sure you find a solution. Always happy to help, Zofia Corker

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