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monochromatic living room with moody abstract art from urban road and round marble coffee table

An Amazing New Interior Starts Here

Need to have your new home decorated or existing interior given a design refresh? Our end-to-end service has you covered. We make it easy, from start to finish, to completely re-imagine your space.

From consult to quote, sourcing products to styling them in your space, this service takes the hard work out of the equation for you. It’s simple and stress-free. You can be completely involved in the journey if you wish, or take a back seat and let us experts drive the decorating decisions on your behalf. 

We recognise that every client is different; varying locations, budgets, design requirements and style preferences. Thankfully, we’ve decorated most of Melbourne, from one-bedroom homes in South Yarra, to family homes in Bentleigh, right up to $3 million homes in Park Orchards. We enjoy the variety and embrace a challenge. 

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living room concrete feature wall with round marble coffee table and fake plant

contemporary luxe formal living room with grey sofa navy blue armchairs abstract artwork and dark blue fireplace feature wallHow The Service Works

1. Consult

We’ll start with a free phone consultation to get an idea of how we can help. You then have the option to book an in-home consultation, which lasts up to 90 minutes. This is an opportunity to ask our lead designer Chris anything and everything you wish to. He’ll also take a full design brief from you, conduct a style analysis, and make a wish list of products we’d need to bring in achieve your design dreams.

Please note that a consult meeting is no guarantee that we’ll take on your project. Both parties are under no obligation to move forward after the first meeting. There are a variety of reasons on both sides (be it personality fit, budget, timeframes, design style and more) that might mean we’re not the right designers for you.

That said, the majority of in-home consults do move on to the next step.

2. Concept

After your meeting, Chris will be able to provide you with an estimate of the overall costs. This is based on how many hours he believes will be required to complete the transformation, and how much he thinks you’ll spend on decor and furniture, plus any trade costs.

If you’re happy with the estimate, we take a deposit and get to work. Soon after, we’ll present you with a fully realised concept for your space including to-scale floor plans, mood boards of each room, plus real-world examples of the products we intend to bring into your home. You’ll also get loads of inspirational imagery to show you what your home could look like once we’ve transformed it.

We work together to get the concept spot-on; we talk you through the plan for each room and note your feedback down. This is our blueprint for how to bring your home to the next level and make it everything you dreamed it could be.

3. Specify

Once we fine-tune the concept, we’ll start specifying products for your home. This is the point in the process where decisions need to be made. You’ll receive a full product specification sheet per room with images, costs and dimensions of each item we intend to purchase on your behalf. Once you approve the products, we’ll invoice you and organise ordering and delivery with our suppliers.

4. Style

Once all of the products are paid for and delivered to your home, we’ll come and style the rooms so they reach their full design potential. 

contemporary luxe living room with grey sectional sofa soft pink armchair and dark blue grey feature wall fireplacemaster bedroom with navy blue velvet extra wide headboard and brass pendant lights

luxe formal living room with blue velvet armchairs and black marble coffee table grey sheer curtains

What Makes TLC Interiors Different

There are a number of things which set us apart from other decorators and interior designers in Melbourne. Here are just a few of the perks of working with us to redesign your space:

1. Finding Your Style

We’re not here to push our taste onto you. Our lead designer, Chris, will discover a style you truly love and work to have your home reach its full potential. That’s why we have two consultations (phone and in-person), before presenting you with a concept for your approval.

2. Trade Networks

Need new carpet, wallpaper, updated window treatments, or joinery installed? We don’t pretend to be experts at everything, but we do work with them. Let us connect you with our trusted network of professionals who’ll work alongside us to ensure the home’s concept is realised. You don’t have to manage the trades either – we do it all for you.

3. Cost Transparency

We’re really honest about how our pricing is structured, how many hours we work on your project, and what you can expect to spend. 

Up front, you’ll have an estimate of what you should expect to pay for our services. If it looks like we might need more time than initially thought, we’ll let you know in advance and we can discuss how to proceed.

Our fees are (including GST):

  • Phone consultation: Free
  • In-home consultation: $396
  • Hourly Design Fee: $198

4. Savings on Product

We have fantastic relationships with our suppliers. Not only do you get unique pieces for your home that you won’t see in many stores, but we’re also able to pass product savings to you.

Any trade discounts from suppliers are shared between you and us.

5. A Snob-Free Experience

We consider ourselves easy-going and approachable. We take the work seriously, but we’re far from snobby. We design real homes for real people, and we like to make the experience easy and fun for our clients. No stress for you, and a laugh along the way.

Melbourne apartment make over with grey recliner sofa from Plush and blinds from Luxaflex

grey sofa with tan cushions and round marble coffee table in contemporary luxe living room

Frequently Asked Questions

Melbourne, Victoria (Australia) mostly.

It varies by the complexity of your project. If you’re having work done like new floors or window treatments, expect to spend longer working with me. If we’re just updating one room, it will be much shorter. Lead times on furniture and decor also factor in to how long a project will take to complete. We’ll be able to tell you during the in-home consult how long we expect the project will take.

Any trade discounts from suppliers are shared between you and TLC Interiors. The amount of discount off the recommended retail price varies between suppliers and so do the savings which can be passed on.

That’s a really difficult question to give a standard answer to. There are a lot of variables that go into how much it costs to decorate a room or a home. Some things to consider: the styles you like, the size of the room, whether you have any furniture or decor you can incorporate into the new room, and whether you need work done like hanging new window treatments. We can give you an estimate after your consultation.

Including GST:

  • Phone consult: Free
  • In-home consult: $396
  • Hourly service fee: $198

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