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inabox pink and blue storage boxes for laundry shelves

Prepare for an Organised Home with New Storage Solutions in This Year’s Hottest Colours

Desert tones are a huge colour trend forecasted to explode in 2022, and the storage experts at Inabox are ahead of the game.

Their brand new range of complete storage solutions not only work to organise any and every pocket of your home, but they’re set to bring some much-needed colour into your interior too.

Scroll on as I show you the two new colour options from Inabox – Cactus Blue and Desert Clay – and get inspiration to turn the messy moments at your place into well-organised home hubs.

This post is produced in partnership with Inabox.

desert clay and cactus blue inabox storage containers in bathroom

Cactus Blue: Soothing and Stylish

The great thing about the soothing Cactus Blue storage boxes is that they work with a variety of interior design schemes.

If you have a bold or contemporary-luxe vibe at your place, the blue tones are going to shine seamlessly alongside dramatic black, navy, charcoal or gold.

But they work with neutrals too. Imagine the Cactus Blue as a colour pop against white and soft grey tones in a Hamptons, coastal, bohemian or Scandi aesthetic. Divine!

The gorgeous thing about the Cactus Blue storage boxes is that they pair well with the Desert Clay as well, and alongside the Natural and Grey boxes the Inabox brand is well-known for.

inabox desert clay pink storage boxes for laundry shelves

Desert Clay: Rich and Earthy

I’m really pleased to see warm tones becoming so dominant in homes of late. It’s a nice change to a lot of the cooler palettes that dominated the 2010’s.

Desert Clay stackable storage boxes from Inabox are bang on-trend, bringing warm tones to your laundry, kitchen, bathroom, office and more – all without them feeling too visually overwhelming.

The earthy pink shade of these boxes takes inspiration from terracotta tones and hues from a burnt desert sunset, and they work so well against crisp white tiles, warm timber furniture, or grey benchtops. They’re way more versatile than you might think!

Both Cactus Blue and Desert Clay are available in four different sizes, and are available to shop at Bunnings Warehouse here.

inabox pink and blue storage boxes for laundry shelves

Where to Use Inabox Storage Boxes at Home

Here’s just a few ways you can use the Inabox nesting storage solutions at your place to keep things clean, tidy and organised.


Keep washing powder, detergents, fabric softeners and more within easy reach. Or why not hide away things like pegs, brushes, dryer balls and other not-so-sexy laundry necessities while still keeping them close by?

pink storage box for makeup inabox desert clay


Bathroom vanities turn into a nightmare of random lotions and potions that become so cluttered and chaotic that you forget what’s in there. Why not segment and categorise hair products, makeup, moisturisers, medicines and more into different boxes so you know what’s where?


Surely I’m not the only one driven mad by mess under the kitchen sink? Grab a few designer boxes in different sizes and keep dish bombs and sponges together, sprays and wipes side-by-side, bug sprays at-the-ready and so much more.

inabox pink and blue storage boxes for home organisation laundry

Linen Press

Confession: I’m constantly being reprimanded for shoving sheets, pillow cases and throws randomly into the linen cupboard. With a few of the larger Inabox storage solutions you can keep all the quilt cover sets together so bed making becomes a cinch.

You could also have guest bedroom packs at the ready in your linen press with bedding, sheets, towels and more in one dedicated box when overnight visitors are on the way.

inabox desert clay storage boxes for kids craft items

Kids Rooms

OK parents, I know you feel the pain of kids’ crafts being flung from here to eternity. But with a storage box like the one above, everything can be neatly organised and then stored in the kids wardrobe, or pushed under their bed.

cord organisation storage boxes for home office inabox

Home Office

Nothing sends me over the edge like charger cords tangled into one another. With a few smaller Inabox storage solutions though, you can avoid this headache. Plus, they’re amazing for storing stationery like scissors, staplers, sticky tape, label makers and so much more.

The amazing range of stylish storage solutions from Inabox is available through Bunnings. Click here to see the organisational options for yourself – the possibilities are endless!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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