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blue and white hamptons bedroom design with grey headboard and industrial pendant lightsblue and white hamptons bedroom design with grey headboard and industrial pendant lights

Hamptons Bedroom Design Ideas: 3 Fresh Ways to Decorate with this Fave Style

A post on Hamptons bedroom design ideas is well and truly overdue. I’ve talked you through Hamptons styling for so many pockets of the home on this blog, I’m actually surprised it’s taken me this long to get to the bedroom.

But here we are, and I hope you find it worth the wait. The amazing thing about the Hamptons design style is that there are so many ways to execute it, and it continues to evolve. In this post I want to concentrate on three that I think you’ll love and that aren’t hard to get right either.

All the images in this post were styled by yours truly for my mates are Lorraine Lea. They have amazing bedding and accessories for the home, and so many of their pieces are featured in these Hamptons bedrooms. I’ll call them out and link you up so you can grab some of them if you wish to.

This post is produced in partnership with Lorraine Lea. Enjoy!

classic hamptons bedroom design grey vj paneling tufted grey headboard white bedside tables

Traditional Hamptons Bedroom Design

If you’re a bit of a traditionalist then I reckon you’re going to love the ideas in this first Hamptons bedroom. The images capture so much of what makes the classic Hamptons aesthetic so special and gives a nod to the style’s location of birth; long Island, New York. 

This is probably the style that pops into peoples minds the most when they think about the Hamptons, and that’s because it’s been so popular for so long. 

The traditional Hamptons style celebrates the coming together of dark blues and crisp white. It’s a high contrast look that doesn’t really leave room for a lot of other tones. You might see a little grey in there (like in the headboard and feature wall above) but all in all it’s just white and blue. 

The blue is worth keeping an eye on; you want to keep it to dark tones like navy and indigo. You may be tempted to layer in some lighter soothing blues, but that’s going to give you another Hamptons look altogether (which we’ll get to shortly). 

hamptons bedroom styling dark brown rattan armchair with hamptons cushion covers

Traditional Hamptons Bedroom Furniture

The furniture in a traditional Hamptons bedroom design tends to feel more sophisticated and evoke a sense of grandeur. You’re looking to create an upscale master bedroom vibe, so the pieces should be larger in size and scale. It’s a ‘go big or go home’ approach.

From a furniture perspective, you’ll want to include pieces like these in your traditional Hamptons bedroom design:

  • An upholstered headboard with button detailing, studded trims and winged sides
  • Large timber bedside tables in a crisp white with some interest on the front profile
  • A feature wall behind the bed to create grandeur; VJ panelling works wonders here
  • Statement armchairs are a wise idea too, with a plushness and comfort to them
  • Feel free to include a bench seat at the end of the bed, in a similar look to the headboard


hamptons bedroom design with blue feature wall grey headboard hamptons quilt cover set

Traditional Hamptons Bedroom Styling

Now we get onto the fun part: styling your traditional Hamptons bedroom with the decorative bits and pieces. I always say that these smaller accents are so crucial to get right as they really do pull the whole look together and make it feel resolved. 

When it comes to styling a classic-feel space like this one, you’ll want to embrace pattern on bedding. Look for something with a mix of strong geometric shapes and softer, floral ones. Deep indigo or navy cushions and throws are a great idea too, as are pieces on bedside tables that feel quite coastal in look and feel.

Here are some of the must-have items from Lorraine Lea to help you pull this look together:


blue and white hamptons bedroom styling with glass hamptons pendant lights and stripe wallpaper

Subdued Hamptons Bedroom Design

While the first bedroom design we saw up top was quite obviously Hamptons in its style references, this one is far more subtle. It’s still giving you the feeling of Hamptons, with its colours and textures, but it’s definitely not as vibrant, not as pattern-packed, and not as high-contrast with the bold blues against crisp white.

This is the perfect bedroom look for those of you who want to give a little bit of a nod to the seaside vibe without taking it too far. 

Softer block colours are the key to getting this look right, as is introducing a little industrial influence through metallics. You’ll want to keep those to chrome or nickle for the most part, but matt black would also work well in things like photo frames, lighting or even door handles and hardware.

You’ll also notice a lot more soft greys and silver here. These tones warm up the space and make it feel cosy and inviting. And because this one isn’t so traditional in its Hamptons approach, there’s space to be more eclectic in artworks and accessories.

light blue and white hamptons bedroom design stripe wallpaper hamptons bedside table

Subtle Hamptons Bedroom Furniture

The furniture in the Subtle Hamptons design approach is less literal. You still want to showcase crisp whites and soothing greys, but the furniture doesn’t have to be from a Hamptons store. The shapes and profiles should stay fairly clean without embellishments. Less is more here.

From a furniture perspective, you’ll want to include pieces like these in your subtle Hamptons bedroom design:

  • Keep the headboard grey, but simpler in profile; curves or subtle piping on the edge works well
  • Bedside tables in a crisp white is recommended, but light in profile with space for styling
  • A wallpaper in a grey and white pattern is a smart move, but nothing too large or visually intense
  • Embrace pendants or table lamps with some metallic to them, but avoid gold tones altogether
  • Armchairs or bench seats in the room should have simple profiles, without button details


hamptons bedroom design ideas soft blue quilt cover set on bed with industrial metal and glass pendant lights

Subdued Hamptons Bedroom Styling

Styling a space like this one is quite fun because you don’t have to stay so strictly in a Hamptons lane. Feel free to rotate through different quilt cover sets on the bed each season, but I would advise keeping patterns to a minimum and instead letting block colours do the work for you. 

Softness is the key here; a well-layered bed adorned with soothing shades. And notice how the textures create a subtle pattern across the bedscape? That’s what you’re looking for, as opposed to a loud prints.

Here are some of the must-have items from Lorraine Lea to help you pull this look together:


hamptons bedroom styling blue grasscloth wallpaper and black timber slat bed

Tropical Hamptons Bedroom Design

Now here’s a vibe you don’t see all the time; Hamptons meets tropical. It’s not what you’d expect to see in a Hamptons bedroom post, but I do love to deliver you something unexpected. Here’s hoping these ideas catch on!

What I enjoy about this look is that it shows you how you can rock Hamptons design if you have a darker palette going on at home. So many of us go straight to crisp white and blue when we think Hamptons, but I like that this concept takes it in an entirely different direction.

The Tropical Hamptons style is a really nice melting pot of lush, luxe and moody design cues. You have those blue and white tones present (a Hamptons style staple), but by laying them over a darker backdrop the whole scene feels richer and more polished.

There’s also more texture at play here. The cloth wallpaper, the woven profile of the bedside tables, the finish of the lamps and even the bed frame itself; all a whole lot more rustic that the other looks.

hamptons bedroom with light blue cloth grasscloth wallpaper and tropical quilt cover set

Tropical Hamptons Bedroom Furniture

We know the colour palette here is darker and moodier, so you’ll want to gravitate toward black or brown bed frames and bedside tables. I’d suggest looking for furniture that is less soft and sumptuous (like you saw in the other two looks) and instead keep the materials harder and more rustic in feel.

From a furniture perspective, you’ll want to include pieces like these in your subtle Hamptons bedroom design:

  • A dark timber bed frame, with some slats or other details in the headboard
  • Dark bedside tables are good, but ones with rustic elements like rattan are even better
  • A floor lamp with dark timber legs is a good move, but bring softness in through the shade
  • Large leaner mirrors with elaborate frames would work well in this Hamptons bedroom
  • A woven bench seat or armchair would look amazing here too


tropical hamptons bedroom design with blue cloth wallpaper and black and white coral artworks

Subdued Hamptons Bedroom Styling

The finishing touches here are so fun to bring in because it’s a far moodier approach to styling. You don’t even have to shop ‘Hamptons’; you can instead pick up smaller pieces in an array of design styles. And can I just say… a little brass goes a long way!

Obviously, based on the name of this look, you’ll need tropical elements. The bedding needs to feature a leaf motif, and you need some green, blue and white in there. On bedside tables, go full throttle with greenery. This is a look for plant lovers, so go as lush as you’d like to!

Here are some of the must-have items from Lorraine Lea to help you pull this look together:


white marble tile bathroom with freestanding bath and chrome mixer

Don’t Forget to Hamptons Style Your Ensuite!

Before I wrap up this Hamptons bedroom design post, a quick piece of advice around ensuite bathrooms. 

It’s my personal opinion that if you’re not styling up your ensuite to match the vibe you have going on in your bedroom, you’re only telling half the style story. The last thing you want to do is walk from your beautiful Hamptons bedroom design into an ensuite that doesn’t match it.

So, a little decorating in this room is a wise move, and you really don’t need much. Towels are your saviour here, and Lorraine Lea has towels in just about every colour, and in an array of sizes. Face washers, hand towels, bath towels and bath mats – they’re all available!

Simply pick a colour from your Hamptons bedroom design (like navy, soft blue or tropical green) and showcase it in a towel set in the ensuite. That’s what we call design cohesion, and I always say it’s a must for every home.

hamptons living room ideas styling with navy and grey cushions on grey sofa

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I hope you enjoyed this showcase of a Hamptons bedroom styled three ways. Drop me a comment below if you have any questions about any of the decor pieces or room designs.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  2. I really love the colour of the VJ Panelling in picture with the Odisha quilt cover. Can you tell me what colour paint this is?

  3. Hi Chris,
    I love the bed quilt and matching pillows. Can you please let me know where you got them from? Thank you!

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    1. Hey Christina. I didn’t get the bedheads or furniture in this shoot. It’s all from a Metricon display home. Try Brosa, or try Cafe Lighting and Living though. Both have similar headboard vibes to the ones in this shoot 🙂

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