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the block 2021 kirsty and jesse master ensuite with arched doorway and grey wall tiles

The Block 2021 Winners, Plus The Season’s 10 Best & Worst Moments Revealed

The Block 2021 winners have just been announced, but did they produce the best rooms? Let’s take a look in my roundup of top 10 best and worst moments from this season to find out!

If you don’t watch the show and you’re wondering who won The Block 2021, the details are below for you, in order of the team who took out the most prize money to the least.

  • The Block 2021 winners were Mitch and Mark, winning a profit of $744,444
  • Josh and Luke came second, winning a profit of $530,000
  • Tanya and Vito came third, winning a profit of $400,000
  • Kirsty and Jesse came fourth, winning a profit of $301,523
  • Ronnie and Georgia came last, winning a profit of $296,000

I have to say, I expected that Kirsty and Jesse would take out the win. They were producing some stunning spaces that felt buyer-appropriate without being totally boring. But good on Mitch and Mark.

I was gobsmacked Ronnie and Georgia came last, but I do blame that facade. That said, what universe am I living in where Tanya and Vito beat them? What a world.

Anyway, let’s see how many of the best and worst rooms they (and the rest of “The Block family”) produced.

Top 5 Best Moments on The Block 2021

the block 2021 ronnie and georgia spiral staircase

1. Ronnie and Georgia’s Staircase

I’ve not seen curves this impressive since Kim Kardashian’s Paper Magazine Cover. Ronnie and Georgia’s staircase was hands-down the most gasp-worthy feature of The Block 2021 and it’ll go down in history as a truly iconic design moment. 

In the picture above they look dirtier than a Charlie Sheen bender, but I’m sure they’ve been cleaned up for the new owners’ impending arrival. I’ll never tire of them.

the block 2021 kirsty and jesse kitchen hamptons style with navy blue and brass

2. Kirsty and Jesse’s Kitchen

How refreshing was it to see a kitchen that wasn’t, like the cast of most Australian shows, an all-white affair? Kirsty and Jesse had a few design moments that made me think they were heading toward success, but this kitchen really took them there.

The wallpaper was a standout moment in this room, and the navy and brass colour combo was everything. I’ve not seen a pairing this successful since Posh and Becks.

the block 2021 mitch and mark guest bathroom floating timber vanity and brass tapware

3. Mitch and Mark’s Guest Bathroom

Can you get sick from licking a bathroom tile? Those blush and grey mosaics are doing things to me, and I can only hope the feeling’s mutual. They, paired with the brass accents and floating vanity in this bathroom are pure magic.

Mitch and Mark did a stellar job with this space, proving that they could bounce back from their first stint on the show to create some really refined designs (anyone remember the yellow and aqua bathroom abomination their first time around – eek!).

the block 2021 ronnie and georgia kitchen with brass pendant lights above marble kitchen island

4. Ronnie and Georgia’s Kitchen

Kitchen week was by far the best one from this season of The Block. There were so many delicious moments to take in.

Ronnie and Georgia did a stunning job here, although I still say if I splash a few million on a home I refuse to drop a squat to open the oven. You don’t work that hard to bend and snap for roast chook!

the block 2021 ronnie and georgia guest bedroom with vertical stripe wallpaper and patterned headboard

5.  Ronnie and Georgia’s Guest Bedroom

It must be said that a lot of the rooms in Ronnie and Georgia’s home were more vanilla than an Ellen DeGeneres joke, but this guest bedroom wasn’t one of them. The headboard, the wallpaper, the high ceiling; I’ve not been so hot for something this pale since Robert Pattison’s Twilight debut.

Top 5 Worst Moments on The Block 2021

the block 2021 ronnie and georgia front yard colorbond roof with velux skylights

1. Ronnie and Georgia’s Front Yard

Ronnie and Georgia did a lot of things well, but the front yard was not one of them. You might not win friends with salad, but you certainly don’t win them with bees. This yard stings – literally – and the facade feels more at home in the bush than a suburban Melbourne street.

The skylights, the tin shed vibe, the ability for peeping Tom to set up shop outside your front door and perve on you without even needing a bush; it’s all wrong.

the block 2021 tanya and vito sunken living room with white brick fireplace

2. Tanya and Vito’s Living Room

You know I tell it like it is, so I have no issue declaring that the judges got it wrong here. This room was a fail, plain and simple.

No versatility, no way to close off the noise from other rooms, and a carpet colour that doesn’t even bode well for the inventible orgy this room was created to host; it’s not cutting the mustard for this interior designer. And no amount of praise from the judges will change my mind.

the block 2021 mitch and mark kids room with tropical pattern wallpaper and bunk beds

3. Mitch and Mark’s Kids Room

‘Cluttered’ is not a word you want your real estate agent to list as a selling point for a room in your home, but in this space from Mitch and Mark, there’s no way to avoid it. A hoarder might enjoy this level of styling, but it didn’t make for an impressive room to touch the hearts of parents.

The green was also overkill, and the amount of skylights in the ceiling was more bonkers than Erika Jayne’s ever-changing stories on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (if you know, you know).

the block 2021 josh and luke living and dining room with gas fireplace grey feature wall

4. Josh and Luke’s Living & Dining

If was not cute before, and it only got worse after. The judges got it so, so wrong here for convincing the boys to change the orientation of the living and dining zones. Placement was never the issue, the cheap poker player vibes were.

The outdated blue velvet chairs, the fireplace that stuck out like dog berries, and the overall colour scheme; it all felt a bit cheap. The dining table was one of the only saving graces, but they made even that look unfortunate.

the block 2021 mitch and mark living and dining room with pitched ceiling and velux skylights

5. Mitch and Mark’s Living & Dining

There’s no safe place for my eyes to rest in this room, which is just one of the reasons it’s so unsuccessful. The 645 skylights are too much. The tropical fans are a lot. The front door opening onto a funeral parlour table where guests sign the book was certainly a choice. 

I could go on and on, but I already did that the first time this room was revealed. The front door placement created major issues here that Mitch and Mark couldn’t bounce back from. It still needs to be moved, and will probably haunt my dreams for months to come.

the block 2021 redo room tanya and vito master bathroom

And The Most Divisive Space of the Lot

We must wrap up this Block 2021 fanfare with the space that was the most divisive of the season: Tanya and Vito’s bathroom with those brown tiles.

I’m still going on the record as declaring the original bathroom a refreshing masterpiece, with brown tiles so unusual that I was both surprised and delighted by them.

I know I’m in the minority here, but I loved the original design, from the tile choices to the flooring, the arched shower screen to the timber vanity. It all worked for me and I felt it such a shame that they toned it down so much based on the judges feedback.

Anyone else think this bathroom was delicious? Let me know!

Were you happy with The Block 2021 winners? Did you think they deserved to come out on top? And what were your best and worse rooms from the season? Drop me a comment below and share. I love reading your take on the show.

See more goodness from The Block via The Block Shop and nine now.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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14 Responses

  1. The thing that makes me most sad about the block ending is that these reviews end. The best bit of the block has been your reviews and witty commentary. Thank you for making me laugh weekly. You are a star! Thank you for being you.

    1. I can’t agree with you more! Going to miss these weekly reviews. Is it sad to admit I used to look forward to them?

  2. Hello. Long-time enjoyer of the commentary, first-time poster.

    There’s nothing particularly interesting in my thoughts but I just wanted to test out some of them with those of you who might feel like sharing your takes.

    (1) The auction order. I think R&G’s gamble was worth taking and their agent’s getting a lot of unfair heat retrospectively. At the time, there wasn’t much reason to hope for a lot of bidding. As already mentioned, and as with 2020, sales were going to depend almost completely on the whims of Danny Wallis (I think Jimmy and Tam would have barely scraped past reserve without Danny and the con artist). So why wouldn’t R&G go first in the fear that Danny wouldn’t lIke their house and in the hope of picking up maybe the only other serious bidder on the day?

    (2) For all the comments here about wanting to see more reno and less melodrama, does anyone else feel that Nine and the show-makers are actually scared that a “nice” version of The Block would die in the ratings? Even after satisfactory numbers using non-contentious teams, they just can’t stop diving back into the muck of tantrums and egomania. Not to mention never gambling on skilled pro-level contestants (who would surely produce fewer mistakes, more eye candy and more dollars on auction day). Do you reckon they don’t believe that we’d turn up to watch a Block without train wrecks?

    (3) Would The Block be different, in a good way, if they went back to their old houses and did a proper reckoning of what owner-occupiers do to them after purchase? If I were auditioning for the show, I’d love to know how many owners ripped out that “stunning”, “on trend”, “must have”, “10 out of 10” feature because nobody other than the judges and the sponsors loves it!

    (4) Which brings me to my vote for Worst Feature: every study nook ever put on the show. Who ever made the millions to afford a Block house by working at a desk the size of a card table with a drawer and two powerpoints? I bet that Shaynna has a home office the size of a bowling alley: give her an acting Logie for drooling over a broom cupboard that’s “just what a home-based professional worker is looking for”.

    Thanks for your time, and thanks for the interesting opinions and debates during the season. Take care, everyone!

  3. Congratulations on nine years Chris. Thank you for your entertaining comments throughout the season.
    I think each house had some attractive elements to offer. However, I wouldn’t buy any of those properties myself. I liked the facade of J and L’s house by far. But the interior of G and R’s house was overall more appealing, (albeit safe) to me. Oh and I think they had the best front garden.
    I’m sorry everyone, but I just don’t get M and M’s front yard. It’s so busy !!! In fact, I think their entire house is over worked. Sorry Chris, but I can’t stand their guest bathroom. It’s far too prissy. But hey, they won didn’t they?? So what would I know??
    I’m glad we share an appreciation of the brown tiles in T and V’s bathroom.
    Well done to everyone. I’m so pleased that everyone gained some well deserved cash for their effort.
    Does anyone else think the T and V scandal was a setup ??? It kept us watching didn’t it LOL ??
    Look forward to many more years of your blogs Chris.

  4. R & G have always been my faves, especially Ronnie with that bemused expression he gets at times. Have to agree about the facade of their house. Looks like a big barn. Pity, as I loved the interior.
    M & M’s living room is just plain scary.
    Agree about T & V’s bathroom. Any colour looks better than the white. So blah. I always detested that curved bed head with the inbuilt lights as well, yucko.
    Agree with all your comments Chris, you should be a judge.

  5. I was surprised at some of the Auction results. Take Danny Wallis out of the picture and how many buyers did the buyers agents really have at the prices that they were expecting them to go for. As for K&J it was very unfair that their reserve was $700k more as I am sure they didn’t get anymore in their budget to finish a house and garden twice the size as the others. The budgets for these houses should be so much per sqm metre.
    R&G’s staircase was amazing but you should look at Kyle & Kara’s staircase in their home that they built on the NSW Central Coast. I loved the brick paved floor in R&G’s cellar.
    I really hope that the next season has more contestants like K&J on it that are hard workers and not wanting drama and camera time.

    1. i think ,the producers were very unfair to K&J open its the last Block e ever see . the judges should judge themselves . they are useless .

  6. I’m glad they all won money. I feel R&G mainly got stooged on their location. On the end of the court on a very busy road. Obviously never going to be as valuable real estate as other houses.
    I think K&J had it rough with that reserve but in the end they all won some solid cash. I’m guessing R&G mainly disappointed that their sponsorships and ambassador ranking won’t be as high as they’d hoped for after the show?!?! Well done to all the teams. Next year can we do it without the drama?!?

  7. Enjoyed your comments Chris.
    I am so happy the twins did not back down. Their determination payed off. As far as the others go they were hit n miss for me. Some of the gardens just didn’t make sense to me. Why let kids play in the front yard so someone has to sit out and watch them. They are family houses but some of the back yards only catered for couples sitting in bad seats. Why have stupid pergola looking poles front and back with no all weather protection for doors, seating and steps. I wouldn’t buy a house with so many skylights visible from the street they are as ugly as solar panels. I have 22 solars but they face the back. They should all be happy with what they got at auction, even a $100 k would set anyone up.

    1. Solar panels are placed based on which orientation is the best. Yes they are ugly but most people take that into consideration when buying a home these days.

      My kids play out the front and I don’t sit and watch them. Not everyone is a helicopter parent.

  8. Whilst I feel for Ronnie and Georgia I don’t think it was the front of the house that out off buyers it was the auction order. Which they chose.

    I think you’re wrong about Tanya and Vitos lounge. People are clearly not digging cookie cutter contemporary and Hampton’s home. It was the unique homes that stole the show at auction. Ronnie and Georgia’s and Kirsty and Jesse didn’t seperate themselves from the market. The homes look beautiful but they are a little bit same same.

  9. What a pity we had to wait for more than an hour for the actual auction. Mitch and Mark were deserving winners. They had the best street appeal of the five homes, both their front and back yards were fabulous.
    The interior of Ronnie and Georgia’s house was immaculate but the colourbond facade and location of their house did them no favours. From the outside it looked like an expensive shed.
    It was good to see that Tanya and Vito’s house was bought by Danny for a children’s cancer charity. I can imagine kids loving that sunken lounge room and games basement.
    The twins house actually finished up looking beautiful. Looking at the Domain listing, I like the lounge dining room. Their sectional sofa is on my wish list.
    It was great to see all the teams win money, as those reserves did seem high.

  10. Excuse me, Ygritte, whilst I change my name to Jon Snow. Because I know nothing.
    Never saw that auction result order coming.
    Never imagined Ronnie and Georgia would opt to go first. (Apparently it was on the advice of their real estate agent. Que? Did they momentarily lose the ability to look back at the history of Block auction order versus result?)
    Is there anyone else beyond Danny Wallis who can afford to buy overpriced real estate in Melbourne?
    All I can conclude is that the awful tractor shed facade on R&G’s place must have really put people off.
    Although I am still shocked/confused/bewildered by the turn of events, I’m happy for M&M having a win this time around. They endured a lot of flack, yet still maintained a sense of individual style. No Scotty, their win could not be placed squarely on the inclusion of a pantry on the advice of the judges.
    At the time of reveal, I didn’t like the brown tiles in Tanya and Vito’s bathroom but I am 100% on board with you here, the changeover to white was a mistake. I also think they didn’t need to be THAT shade of brown, any colour would look better than the white.
    And yes, that is the stairway to Heaven at house number one. What a pity the facade was right out of Hell.
    Thanks for your incredible insights and hilarious words through this season of The Block, Chris. Cheers.

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