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entrway ideas from metricon homes the life creative Keysborough Vantage

Entryway Ideas: 5 Ways to Make this Space Look Amazing

The entryway of your home is an opportunity to make a great first impression. At least when it comes to the interior, anyway. Sure, your garden, the front path, the letterbox, and those questionable gnomes all make a first impression as you approach the house.

But once you swing open the door, it’s all about the entryway ideas and how well you’ve executed them. It’s the make or break moment as to whether the entryway will be a wow or a whimper. You definitely don’t want the whimper.

Many of us think just about the furniture, or popping something up on the wall when it comes to entryway ideas and how to jazz up this area. But truth be told, there is so much more you can do, and the groundwork can start with the entire design of the space and the foundation you lay down.

I’ve called in the most well-versed designer I know – Metricon’s senior interior design, Jacinta Evans  – to help me out with today’s post, which is all about helping you create a stunning entryway, or foyer, or front entrance. It doesn’t matter what you call it – as long as it looks sublime!

Entryway Ideas: How to Make this Space Look Amazing

Emmerson_27_Entryway ideas from metricon the life creative

The Front Door

We can’t overlook the front door. Because it opens into the home, its’ part interior inclusion, part exterior inclusion. Jacinta tells me that timber doors with glass panels are a great option because it allows natural light to flood into the home. You can choose to keep the glass transparent or frost it up (I prefer the latter for privacy), and if space allows for it, you can opt for a wide door.

“Size is becoming larger where they will fit, as wide as 1200mm on a pivot frame, and even floor to ceiling can look amazing if designed correctly,” Jacinta advises. She also points to other elements of the door that you style up for visual impact, as long as it’s in keeping with the design of the home.

“Door handles are getting more playful, becoming a definite feature and linking it into your theme of your home. Just remember that it’s important to tie the door styling into the theme and look of the home; make sure it complements your house as this is your first point of entry”.

I also adore a coloured front door. The how-to on painting yours is here.

Zanizibar 45 Wembley-Entryway ideas metricon homes the life creative

Entryway Walls

You might not have even considered the finishes you could use in your entryway. Surely it’s just paint, right? Maybe wallpaper? Sure, those are wonderful options, but there are others you can consider when it comes to stylish entryway ideas, like tiles and timber cladding. Jacinta advises on both below.

“Select tiles that a subtle and inviting, creating more of a textural appearance than an overload of colour and pattern the minute you enter the home,” she says. And when it comes to timber cladding, there are numerous options to choose from that create a sense of warmth.

“Metricon use a number of different styles from just a simple KDHW lining boards (and staining them to match our timber front door), or we have been moving to more natural species timbers such as Cedar, Spotted Gum, Ash timbers… that come pre-made in different size sequences”.

Check out the latest in feature tile trends in this video.

entrway ideas addison_pc_stairs_02_rgb

Furniture & Art

It all depends on the size of your entryway, of course, but placing furniture in the foyer area is a great idea in terms of form and function. It not only provides something gorgeous to look at as you walk into the home, but it’s a place to store and set things down.

“Consoles or buffets are a great furniture piece for your entryway,” Jacinta says. “They can provide storage for handbags, keys, change etc, but also provides opportunity for a place to put fresh flowers, artwork, accessories, a lamp, some greenery”.

Jacinta also points to art as a great opportunity to wow guests (and yourself) as you walk in.

“I always believe a great piece of art really makes a statement in the entry or if you feel your space is a little tight and narrow try adding a mirror to give the appearance of more space”.

Hayman Entryway ideas from metricon homes the life creative buffet in entryway


Mirrors can not only make a space feel bigger, but they can become the feature piece of the entryway depending on the mirror you choose. Selecting the right mirror size has a big impact on how the entryway feels, Jacinta explains.

“Long mirrors will make a space appear wider while tall mirrors will make a space feel…taller. It depends what you need from the space. If it’s over a console/buffet, you want your mirror to be smaller in width than the console to keep proportions, about 5-10cm either end is good, and I’d go for at least 700-800mm in high to feel substantial”.

Jacinta also points to large-scale tinted mirrors (my favourite) as a great idea to create a visual illusion as you walk into the entryway.

“The tint in either a bronze or grey helps to keep the reflection subtle,” Jacinta tells me. “Although a mirror feature wall can look amazing, its not for everyone. You will obviously need to be mindful of those little ones sticky fingers, so if cleaning’s not your thing perhaps opt for the framed mirror option”.

Somerset Lookbook_Dining entryway ideas the life creative metricon


When it comes to entryway ideas, lighting like lamps is a simple and effective one. You can choose to introduce a permanent fixture, though, if you really want to create some wow factor.

“Pendants look amazing when placed off-centre over a console or in an alcove if you have one,” Jactina says. “Centre entryway pendants can be great but make sure you aren’t impacting on the size in the room. High ceilings or entry’s with a void suit this best”.

If you are after a more versatile option, a lamp is still a great idea and can really set the mood in an entryway.

“A simple table lamp on the console creates a wonderful visual presence to an entry. I also really love using low step lights to highlight a narrow entry that is too tight for a furniture; it creates a really nice contemporary feel, especially if used in a feature wall of stone, tiles or wallpaper”.

home entryway decorating ideas timber front door with glass panels

What are some of your favourite entryway ideas? We’d love to hear your suggestions and tips in the comments below.

This post includes images and/or videos of Metricon display homes and events, reproduced with permission. © Metricon Homes Pty Ltd 2016.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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