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14 New Year Decorating Resolutions to keep

New year, new you? Probably not.

I mean, every time I’ve vowed to diet, stop drinking and read more, I end up eating tonnes, throwing back a wine and watching reruns of The Real Housewives of New York City all summer long.

A refreshed home; now that’s something I can commit to!

In today’s post I want to share some of my own new year decorating resolutions with you, and encourage you to get on board with these style ideas and organisation hacks too. So let’s pull our fingers out and get our homes sorted for the new year.

kmart kitchen drawer organiser
This scenario from Kmart is how I want my drawers to look.

1. Clean out the heaving bottom drawer

The bottom drawer in my kitchen is like Mary Poppins’ handbag. You could reach in there and pull out anything and everything from old keys, vertical blinds, and all of the things Winona Ryder shoplifted from Saks Fifth Avenue.

In 2018 I’m vowing to be more organised and it all starts with decluttering my drawers (bedside drawers included).

2. Organise my hot mess of a pantry

I don’t know why pantries are so poorly made. So many feature shelving that’s too far apart in height. There’s so much wasted space in mine, and I plan on giving the entire thing an overhaul this summer.

Stay tuned because I’m going to do a video on how the pantry went from gross to gorgeous (and show you how easy it can be).

Taubmans Spring Colours - Spring Painting Ideas
Taubmans paints got me pondering a bedroom makeover.

3. Paint a wall (and not in white!)

Although I might not be in my dream home suburb-wise, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I have to stop longing for the forever home I may never have.

So this year I want to make some style changes to this place and enjoy it for what it is. The first logical choice is to do something amazing with the walls, so fingers crossed my partner agrees to a splash of colour!

4. Make the laundry lush

I desperately need to make my laundry more of a design destination and not a forgotten zone where old clothes go to die.

This might be the room I decide to paint, actually, and after that some shelving is needed to store all of the appliances that don’t fit into my tiny kitchen cupboards.

If you need some low-budget ways to make your laundry a stunner, this post has you covered.

rorschach and murals wallpaper design bedroom with abstract watercolour wallpaper
This design from Murals Wallpaper is giving me life.

5. Install wallpaper somewhere

I’ve installed wallpaper in a client’s home recently and it gave me chills. It was a black cloth wallpaper that added so much warmth to the room. It made me wish so many people weren’t so afraid of using wallpaper. And now I’m determined to make this work in my own home somewhere.

If you’re wanting to see some wallpaper designs that don’t feel too overbearing, check this out.

6. Buy some armchairs to read in

I have two areas in my home (living room and home office) that are ripe for some armchairs to read in. I actually don’t have a killer reading nook in my home right now but I really want one.

I like to have an area to read in that’s not a bed or the sofa I watch TV on. I might reach out to a few brands and see if we can cook up some stylish before and after videos for you this year!

black wire mesh pendant light from beacon lighting above timber dining table and black felt chairs
Get a load of this bad boy from Beacon.

7. Install eye-catching pendant lights

I’m longing for a sculptural pendant light above my dining table to give the space a necessary focal point. And I really want some pendants for above my bedside tables as well.

When I bought this home a year ago it came with the most revolting oyster lights, so I’m determined to go on a light replacing frenzy and get them all updated. Pendants will play a big role here.

8. Make my front yard beautiful

My front yard looks like a pet cemetery. I really need to get the lawn properly turfed and the fence completed. I got a fence built out of beautiful acacia wood a few months back but have been wondering whether I stain or paint it. The yard makes a terrible first impression and I need to rectify this stat!

fiddle leaf fig in wicker pot in corner of room
How I wish my fig looked.

9. Stop killing my indoor plants

You’ve read on the blog before about my hatred for my bastard fiddle leaf fig. This year, though, I really want to do better with indoor plants and get a few more for the pockets of my home.

Drop me a comment below if you have any hard-to-kill varieties that have worked for you. I’d love to get my hands on some low-maintenance ones.

10. Replace my window treatments

I have the ugliest window treatments known to man. A combination of dark grey roller blinds that are so heavy and hard to pull up, and an equally hideous collection of vertical blinds on some windows.

I want to replace them all this year with something lighter and softer. So watch this space as I narrow in on the right products and hopefully show you the before and after shots.

grey home office ideas with cream upholstered chair from pottery barn
Love this office nook from Pottery Barn.

11. Totally sort out my home office

I converted my ground floor master bedroom into a home office recently, but it’s so incomplete it hurts. I need shelving, an armchair, some mood lighting, and a few indoor plants and stationery moments to really make it shine.

12. Discover emerging Aussie makers

I used to spend loads of time on this blog showcasing local makers and artists and the last year or so the focus shifted more toward interior design ideas and inspo.

I’d like to get back to hunting out amazing locals who are making things the big brands don’t, so you can put some unique pieces in your home that feel handmade and meaningful.

round grey dome style cat bed from d and c lifestyle
Love this cat bed from D&C Lifestyle

13. Get some attractive cat furniture

Can’t furniture for pets be truly revolting? In this post I discovered some attractive cat and dog decor that is actually totally adorable, but I want to take things a step further this year.

I really want to give the cats some dedicated (and stylish) moments to call their own around the house. I’d love to fix some things to the wall and get them adorable plates and/or feeding stations.

I’d love you to comment below if you know where to get some great stuff for pets from.

14. Sort out the lack of air con

Last but not least, I need to sort out the cooling situation in my home. I’m tossing up between ceiling fans, whirlybirds on the roof, installing air con units in bedrooms, or a combination of all three.

Again, I’d love you to drop me a comment below if you have fans or whirlybirds and let me know if they helped cool your home down.

vintage timber dining room table with grey upholstered chairs and bright artwork by tlc interiors | TLC Interiors

What are your New Year decorating resolutions?

Drop me a comment below and share the things at home you want to work on this year. I’d love to know what your new year decorating resolutions are.

Oh, and also drop me a comment if you can help out with any of the questions I asked above. Thanks for reading xx

The hero image in this post is via H&G Designs.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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7 Responses

  1. Great resolutions, even thought I’ve sworn off making resolutions. We are installing pendant lighting in our kitchen and dining room as I write. Question: the gorgeous bedding in #5, could you/would you share the source? Many thanks!

  2. There is a secret to growing nice heathy plants, Light. Indoor plants need 8 plus hours of indirect sunlight a day.. That is the most important thing for them. I used to kill everything so I did some research to find out what I was doing wrong. I repot all my new plants in a high grade potting mix, water every 2 weeks and add some slow release fertiliser and thats it. My living area is lush with greenery. Having said that I suck at growing succulents indoors so I cheat and have a couple of good quality fake ones. No one can tell :)..

  3. Great list! Youve inspired me to write my own….

    To combat the crazy heat we get in north central Victoria we have installed a massive amount of ceiling insulation, ceiling fans and new window coverings. Our house never gets above 23 degrees now! Another bonus is that it stays warmer in winter.

    1. I am determined to get up in the man hole soon and see what the insulation is like in our roof. It gets so hot here that something has to be going on up there (low quality insulation or none at all!). How have you found the ceiling fans Sara? Would love to know if you feel they made a big difference.

  4. Hi Chris,I live on the Gold Coast where I am beginning to think it is not as Hot as I imagined after seeing the weather patterns interstate.Mine is a large house with ducted air but because of the ridiculous cost of electricity good old Bunnings has come into play and I have bought half a dozen wall fans,discreetly fitted the brackets so the fans when not mounted are not obvious and are then able to move the fans when and where I wish.Whirly birds work well in a single level house and for the cost are a no brainer.

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