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chocolate labrador puppy looking cute on light grey carpet

Best Type of Carpet for Pets: No Stains, Fade or Fuss!

If you have fur babies in your home you’ll be eager to know what the best type of carpet for pets is. Because let’s face it, our four-legged friends make messes.

I have two cats of my own and I’m often faced with the three P’s: puke, poop and pee. It’s not pretty but it’s the reality of having pets; they’re going to have accidents on your carpet.

One of my cats is a particularly anxious feline and has been known to pee outside the litter when she’s overwhelmed. She’s also a fan of coughing up fur balls. And of course, even though there’s plenty of floor boards in the apartment, she will hunt out carpet and go vomit on that. Isn’t having pets a wonderfully joyous experience?

In all seriousness, I do love my pets like they’re my own children. As I’m sure you do too (be it a cat, dog, guinea pig or ferret). But we have to live in a gorgeous home too, right? And so choosing the best type of carpet for pets becomes a pretty important decision.

Let me reveal what the best type of carpet is for pets and why.


The Best Type of Carpet for Pets is Solution Dyed Nylon

Solution dyed nylon in cut pile is hands down the best type of carpet for pets, for a few reasons:

  • It’s stain resistant so messes don’t sink into the fibres
  • It’s super easy to clean after a pet has had an accident
  • Claws and nails won’t rip up the cut pile carpet fibres
  • It’s super soft to the touch so it’s ideal for rolling around on
  • It’s also fade resistant so you’ll have it for years (even with messes)

I’ve had it in my own home and put it to the three P’s test (that’s puke, poop and pee, in case you forgot) over the course of three years. And I can assure you with all certainty, it’s amazing.

But let’s explore some of the points mentioned above so you can get your head around what makes solution dyed nylon carpet the best type of carpet for pets.

floorworld best type of carpet for pets nylon living roomc arpet

Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet is Stain Resistant

This is the best part about solution dyed nylon carpet. It’s so easy to clean! The carpets are manufactured with anti-stain properties, which makes them a godsend for pets.

When my cats puke on the carpet, which happens often due to fur balls, all I need to do is remove the ball with paper towel and then work in some of Dr Beckmann’s Carpet Brush Cleaner, which you can get from Coles for $8. It is life-changing. Work it in, let it sit for five minutes, then blot up the residue with a paper towel.

Outside of using a cleaning product, you can also just blot stains from solution dyed nylon carpet with a damp cloth. Squeeze a little water into the carpet, then blot in a twisting motion. Then use a paper towel or a tea towel to get out excess damp. 

Both methods above had the solution dyed nylon carpet show no signs vomit had even occurred in the first place. The carpet cleaner worked faster, which is why I prefer it. Water sometimes requires another go.

For pet owners with pee issues on carpet, try Nature’s Miracle Advanced Formula. I highly recommend it. 

Image above via Floor World.

choice flooring eternity carpet for pets dyed nylon

Solution Dyed Nylon is Soft and Durable

People often have a misconception that nylon carpet isn’t as soft as wool, but it’s absolutely not true. When I moved into my last home I replaced all the existing carpet (which was quite cheap) with solution dyed nylon, and trust me: it is so soft. I had it in three bedrooms and loved it.

Nylon carpet is the kind of carpet your kids can sit on, you can lay on, and your pets can roll around on. Don’t steer clear of it because you worry it’s not as plush as wool. Trust me, it is.

Solution dyed nylon carpet is also extremely durable, so it’s great for high-traffic areas too. The pile holds its shape for ages, so you don’t get sag or easy-to-see wear and tear. And of course, there are loads of colour options available, so you’re not as limited as you might think.

Image above via Choices Flooring.

godfrey hirst grey best type of carpet for pets dark grey bedroom nylon

Cut Pile Carpet is Better for Pets over Loop Pile

If you have cats, you know they like to knead everything. They knead the rug, they knead the sofa, and they’re going to knead the carpet. That’s why loop pile carpet is the worst, and cut pile is the best carpet for pets. With loop pile, cats claws (and even dogs nails) will pull the loop out of its base when they scratch at it.

Claws pulling the loop pile apart means you have visible strands of carpet sticking up above the rest of the pile, which is going to drive you bonkers long-term. You’ll be going around with scissors to cut carpet strands down on-the-daily, there’s no denying it.

So, save yourself the stress and go for a cut pile if you have pets. It’s so much easier to manage with four-legged friends.

Image above via Godfrey Hirst.

godfrey hirst carpet in living room with grey solution dyed nylon carpet

Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet is also Fade Resistant

This isn’t really crucial when you’re considering the best type of carpet for pets. But it is a nice bonus to know the carpet won’t fade over time.

In my previous home the sun poured into the master bedroom each morning and it was harsh. It then hit the two other bedrooms of an afternoon and was just as full-on.

The great thing though, is that the solution dyed nylon carpet never faded. It absolutely stood the test of time. And even when I had cleaned out pet messes from the carpet, you couldn’t see a change in the fibre colour from the messed carpet to the non-messed carpet. So you don’t have to worry that the carpet is going to look tired and had-it after a few years.

Hopefully this has helped you choose the best type of carpet for pets in your home. Drop me a comment below if you have any questions. As I said, I’ve had this carpet installed in my own home so I can help you out with any queries. 


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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    1. Hi Tammy, depends how well trained and destructive they are. I’d keep the pile low and tight (no shag). An abstract pattern/colourway would also help hide any damage or dirt from the animals.

  1. Your blog is informative and appreciated. It will be helpful for those who are seeking to know more about the best type of carpet for pets. What a good read.

  2. Good comments and advice Chris and co. Personally I always have used pure wool by Godfrey Hurst in my homes. I have a fear of house fire and wool is not going to burn anywhere as much as nylon. Although with saying that, the texture, feel and colours of nylons are nicer.

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