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porters paint colours warm white paint

32 Porters Paint Colours to Transform Your Walls

The time to transform your walls is now, and I have the perfect selection of Porter’s Paints colours to help you do it.

I’ve been staring at white walls ever since I moved into my apartment in December. I was always planning on doing something to them in the way of paint. You know, a not-too-intense shade to make the whole place feel a little richer. And since Coronavirus hit, the isolation has made my yearning for paint that much stronger.

Now, I’m sure I’m preaching to the converted here, because I bet you’ve also been eager to dabble in some new hue. And the thing is, no matter how many times you move your room around or buy some new decor, nothing is going to transform it in the way you want it to like paint will.

So today, it’s time to get gutsy. And if you’re scared to go bold, fear not! The glorious collection of tones I’m about to show you from the Porter’s Paints Capsule Collection are anything but intimidating.

And here’s the bonus: You can scroll to the end of this post to win $500 to spend on paint from the Porter’s Paints Capsule Collection. There are 32 beautiful colours in this range, so there’s definitely one you’re going to fall hard for.

Credits for the image above: Styling and Design by Jono Fleming, photography by Nick Gossage.

porters paint colours aniseed black dining room wall with vintage furniture

Aniseed: The Perfect Black

The Porter’s Paints Capsule Collection is all about richness and depth of colour. So I thought it best I start with a deep tone that’s not for the faint hearted, but definitely packs a punch.

Now, I know the prospect of splashing a colour like Aniseed on your walls might seem daunting. But trust me when I say that it actually won’t make your space feel gloomy. On the contrary, the contrast between a tone like this and the white trims, skirting and doors creates a beautiful sense of balance.

This warm, dense black works perfectly in a setting with vintage furniture, as you can see above. But the good news is that it also shines in a modern interior. It’s perfect for an industrial space, a sleek urban apartment, or a rustic setting (pair it with exposed brick and you’re onto a winner). It would also work perfectly in a moody bohemian home.

I’ve showcased beautiful rooms with black paint on the blog before, so I’m absolutely on-board with Aniseed.

porters paint colours newport blue living room with soothing blue grey wall and fiddle leaf fig

Newport Blue: Soothing Vibes

There’s nothing I adore more than a light blue wall. It’s ideal in a bedroom or a living room where you want the vibe to be soothing. I love making these sorts of spaces an oasis you can unwind in. And a calm blue/grey like this one is the ideal way to achieve that feeling.

Often people will leave their walls white and buy soft blue art or cushions, hoping it will evoke that sense of calm. But the major piece of the puzzle that’s missing is paint. Honestly, you’re better off committing to painting the walls in the room blue, and then getting furniture in neutral tones to sit against it. Pop a few blue accessories in to make the approach feel intentional and you’re done.

I like this Newport Blue in particular because it doesn’t necessarily read as blue. There’s such a grey undertone to it that it still feels incredibly easy on the eye. It works so well in a pared-back setting like the one above. But it would also shine in a Hamptons home.

On a side note I’m incredibly jealous of that thriving Fiddle Leaf Fig, because as you well know I can’t keep mine alive.

porters paint colours hamptons blue feature wall dressing room

Hamptons Blue: Striking but Serene

If you’re willing to get a bit riskier with blue paint, then Hamptons Blue is one of the Porter’s Paints colours that really kicks things up a notch. This one has a little more punch to it, and it’s deeper and richer than Newport Blue. It definitely reads as blue as opposed to a dusty blue/grey. So if drama is something you want to inject into your room, you’ve just found your perfect paint colour.

This one pairs well with black and gold tones, as you can see in the image above. So if you have a space that you’d describe as luxe, Hamptons blue will work wonders in taking it a step further.

That rich jewel-tone interior vibe has been popular for a while now, but so often you can’t really achieve the full fantasy with a white wall. Pop this colour across all the walls in your space and you’re going to finally realise your elegant design dream.

porters paint colors volcanic ash green feature wall with rattan sideboard

Volcanic Ash: The New Neutral

First it was white, then it was beige, now it’s Volcanic Ash! If you’re on the hunt for a neutral that’s not going to read as cold and clinical, feast your eyes on the image above.

I don’t need to convince you about the beauty of blonde timbers, rattan furniture or wicker decor. I know that a tonne of you already have these pieces in your home. But if they’re sitting against a plain white wall, you’ve really only told half the story. By painting your walls with a Porter’s Paints colour like this, you fully resolve the scheme.

Utilising a tone like this on your walls, paired with this style of furniture, makes the space less high-contrast. It’s not crisp, but instead quite warm and enveloping.

If you love a neutral space, you would have seen my list of rules for decorating subdued spaces, and avoiding all-white is definitely one of them. Have I convinced you yet?

porters paint colours french green soothing bedroom with soft green wall white bedding

French Green: Ultimate Calm

The best thing about French Green? It doesn’t even read as green. To me, this reads more a soothing grey. But the closer you look, the more the earthy green undertones emerge. So it ends up giving you the best of both worlds; it’s neutral, but not boring. Colourful, but not overbearing. And it has such a sense of timelessness to it.

I also adore the way the soft grey/green tones contrast against the white skirting and window frames. You can see how gorgeous this tone is in an older home with character and detail. The styling here is also quite carefully considered. It’s calm and relaxing and it bodes so well for sleep.

There are louder and more vibrant greens in the Porter’s Paints Capsule Collection, but my fave is the one above.

porters paint colours wet cement living room with brown feature wall

Wet Cement: Modern Opulence

Now look, I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t see brown walls coming. I’m even big enough a person to admit that when I saw trend reports stating brown was on the way, I scoffed. And now here I am, fully embracing earthy brown walls with absolute abandon. See, people can change!

I really do have a lot of love for this Wet Cement paint colour. Out of the 32 colours in the Porter’s Paints Capsule Collection it certainly feels the most contemporary and refreshing. There’s definitely a move toward homes become more organic, so this moody tone really fits into that concept nicely.

If you’ve had beige walls for a while and want to update to something that feels more ‘now’, fight the feeling to go crisp white and take the walls in a darker direction instead.

porters paint colours petal pink baby girls nursery with blond timber furniture

Petal Pink: The Delicate One

Pink is such a divisive paint colour, and often disregarded way too quickly as something purely for a little girls room or nursery. There really are far more uses for pink in rooms though (and I’ve covered off ideas on this blog before).

Of course, if you’re looking for that ideal soothing pink shade for a child’s bedroom, this one feels more neutral and will age very well (as opposed to a hot pink that’ll feel rather intense and date quickly). I could see this taking your child into their tween years; paired with a gold bed or a more mature grey-green-white bedroom colour palette.

The image above also perfectly illustrates the materials that play well with pink. Who doesn’t love some oak timber and textural jute and rattan? I’m sold.

porters paint colours old stone wall greige dining room

Old Stone Wall: Absolute Versatility

Last but not least in my roundup of fave Porter’s Paints colours is the gorgeous Old Stone Wall. This is a particular favourite because it will work with just about every colour and in just about every room.

It’s not too light or too dark. It doesn’t seem too fitted to one particular interior design scheme. And yet it avoids all the usual neutral cliches in that there are tones within the colour that come out to play.

The grey and green undertones here make it feel wonderfully soothing and earthy as well. I can see this not only in a modern setting like in the dining room above, but also in a more vintage, weathered home. It would be a great colour for a teenagers room, or in a space you plan to fill with loads of indoor plants (imagine all that greenery?!).

porters paint colours light grey living room with round mirror over fireplace

Win a $500 Voucher to spend on Porter’s Paints new Capsule Collection

To go in the draw to win $500 worth of paint from the Porter’s Paints Capsule Collection, simply:


Competition is open to Australian residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Friday July 31. Winner announced here and contacted via email.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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150 Responses

  1. I love French Green. Very natural, and calming. Can’t wait to do my 1st ever painting Reno in my home

  2. hard decision between volcanic ash or french green, a decision I wouild love to make. Porters Paints are the best on the market in Australia, they are masters.

  3. I am doing my laundry in Hailstorm. It is absolutely stunning with loud geometric Revival Stachus floor tiles in one and grey which have a blue green haze if you squint a certain way. –

  4. Love the soft, soothing colours of Volcanic Ash,
    With our ‘blonde’ timber tone furniture and neutral furnishings, it won’t clash!
    An overdue painting project could be realised, with this perfect Porter’s Paints prize!

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