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4 Rich Bedroom Colour Trends for Autumn Winter & Where to Shop Them

Nothing gives me a greater sense of satisfaction then revamping my bedroom for the colder months. Today I’m hoping you’re in the same boat as I unveil four bold bedroom colour trends for Autumn Winter 2021.

Now, I should warn you that this post is not for lovers of neutrals. Sorry about it. I’ll have a post soon on neutral bedding and where to get that (because, yes, we love neutrals too). But the focus today is all about bold tones. Because when you’re spending more time inside thanks to cold wind and rain, I figure your bedroom needs a bit of colour to lighten the mood. Am I right?

The good news is that you don’t have to go full throttle with these colour trends either. You could have a neutral quilt cover set, for example, and adorn it with a punch of mustard or a pop or rose. In other words, less can be more, and there’s nothing wrong with easing into use rich colours like this in the boudoir.

Hero image in this post is via Bed Threads.

bed threads mustard quilt cover set in flax linen

Bedroom Colour Trend 1: Mustard

Let’s not get too caught up in the exact colour name of this delicious shade for your bedroom. Some brands will call it mustard, some ochre, others turmeric. It’s essentially a deep muddy yellow that’s going to bring a sense of sumptuousness to your bedroom. I think we can all agree on that, right?

The big drawcard when it comes to this colour for a bedroom is that it walks the line between bright and moody. A lot of tones struggle to bring that sense of balance. It’s sunny enough to evoke happiness and bring some life to your main or guest bed, but it’s also deep enough that it feels sophisticated and mature.

It also plays well with tones you may already have at home. Black and charcoal bedding will truly benefit from a mustard cushion or throw added in. Crisp white sheets will adore a mustard quilt cover set being laid over the top. And even soft purple tones like lilac shines alongside mustard. It’s honestly more of an all-rounder than you think!

Featured Above: the get-in-my-cart Flax Linen Bedding Set from Bed Threads.

mustard quilt cover set sheets cushions bedding autumn winter

Shop the Mustard Trend for Your Bedroom 

I’ve included a lot of bedding here, of course, but also accessories and other decor you might want to bring into the fold. I always say that a cohesive interior is what you’re aiming for, so why not carry the mustard vibes across a few settings in your bedroom? Just quietly… I really need those mustard slippers in my life!

  1. Korrine Mug in Bright Yellow
  2. Stonewash Sheet Set in Honey
  3. Marais Mustard Bed Throw
  4. Mustard Moroccan Dream Canopy
  5. Sunshine Yellow Slippers
  6. Ray of Sunshine Cushion
  7. Kendall Cushion Cover
  8. Shepard Cushion in Ochre
  9. Ceramic Face Candle
  10. Honey Dijon Eye Mask
  11. Mustard Quilt Cover
  12. Meridian Throw Rug

If mustard isn’t doing it for you, we’re about to embark on my fave of all four bedroom colour trends below. 

aura halo khaki bed linen bedroom colour trends olive green

Bedroom Colour Trend 2: Olive

We’ve come to my fave bedroom colour trend of the lot; earthy olive! This is hands-down my kinda colour palette year-round, but it really works wonders in the cooler months. It has a built-in sense of comfort (to my eye anyway), which makes snuggling up an absolute tear. And it works so well against the colours in my apartment, which are namely black, white, grey and brown.

This is a versatile hue that doesn’t just work with neutral tones, but a whole host of other colours too. See it in the bedroom above paired with nude/blush tones; who knew it could look so good married up with a lighter colour like this one? This approach is a nice way to balance out what some might consider a masculine colour like olive. Though, do colours really have a gender? I’m not so sure.

I’ve got a mood board below for you that’s packed with olive bedding, artwork, furniture and accessories. Olive, like mustard, is a tone a lot of retailers call an array of other shades: khaki, forest, moss, pine and more. I wouldn’t get too caught up in the name, just look for an earthy mid-green with brown undertones and you’re good to go.

Featured Above: The earthy and delicious Halo Organic Quilt Cover from Aura Home.

olive green bedding quilt cover sets autumn winter

Shop the Olive Trend for Your Bedroom 

I’ve gone ahead and included lots of divine bedding options, but also went a step further to consider things like candles, coffee mugs and even a dressing gown. I mean, come on; you want to match your quilt cover set when you’re having brekkie in bed on the weekend, don’t you? 

  1. Slow Coffee Style Mug
  2. Arlo Stonewash Sheet Set
  3. Waffle Throw in Olive
  4. Foliage Dark Sage Ficus Canvas Wall Art
  5. Standard Olive Pillowcase
  6. Linen Quilt Cover in Moss
  7. Rigney Velvet Sham Cushion in Pine
  8. Sofi Organic Cotton Medium Cushion
  9. Kennedy Velvet Tufted Bedhead
  10. Dara Jacquard Robe
  11. Valkea Votive Moss Green
  12. Washed Linen Olive Quilt Cover Set

Need something a little warmer for the cooler months? Fear not, because I have a heat-filled shade below for you to enjoy.

pillow talk laith quilt cover set terracotta bedding bedroom colour trends

Bedroom Colour Trend 3: Terracotta

I have to say, Terracotta as a bedroom colour trend came as a bit of a surprise to me. Here I was thinking it was all about neutrals and maybe a hint of blue or green, and then burnt orange tones began dominating last year. The thing is, this deep earthy tone is here to stay, and I’ve really come to enjoy it!

I forecasted the Earthy Organic trend as a big one for interiors in 2021, and this colour is right at home in that trend. It feels quite mature, and yet happy and invigorating at the same time. Boho lovers who are into that coastal, relaxed, all-white vibe will be able to slip in some terracotta decor easily and really have it shine. It’s evident in the image above. 

It also plays really well alongside weathered or organic materials like jute, rattan, sisal and other similar textures. I reckon a lot of you will love this colour trend already. And honestly, I don’t blame you.

Featured Above: The earthy and exotic Laith Quilt Cover Set from Pillow Talk.

terracotta quilt cover set cushions and bedding autumn winter

Shop the Terracotta Trend for Your Bedroom 

If you want to warm up your bedroom for winter, these terracotta finds are going to do the trick. As with the other mood boards, I’ve gone beyond just bedding. Who knew your Ugg boots could match your bedroom colour scheme? It’s possible! Also crushing hard on the terracotta sheet set in the top left corner above. I like an element of surprise when you pull back your quilt cover.

  1. Flannelette Sheet Set in Brandy
  2. Striped Linen in Palermo
  3. Sunrise Sunset Dusk Artwork
  4. Ziva 100% Linen Throw in Tobacco
  5. Linen Quilt Cover in Tan
  6. Textured Tassel Cushion in Meerkat
  7. Bondi Mini Ugg Boots
  8. Ceramic Face Candle in Terracotta Orange
  9. Single Sheepskin in Earth
  10. Marloe Shearling European Pillowcase
  11. Red Earthy Burnt Orange Pouffe
  12. Striped Linen in Palermo

We have one more bedroom colour trend to explore below if the others haven’t won you over. This one is quite romantic indeed and I’m positive you’re going to fall hard for it.

lido quilt cover set from Lorraine Lea.

Bedroom Colour Trend 4: Rose

Now I’ve cheated a little bit with this bedroom colour trend. Truth is, there’s an array of enveloping tones in both the bedding above and the mood board below. That’s because so many brands are exploring the entire red to purple tonal scale right now, so it seemed remiss of me not to include a wide variety of it for your viewing pleasure.

So, sure, I’m calling this trend Rose, but there are loads of shades celebrated. You have some burgundy, a little maroon, a hint of plum, a splash of shiraz, and even some raisin. I’m sure there’s a few more colours in there too. But the message is clear here: if you want a rich and romantic vibe for your boudoir this Autumn and Winter, a combination of all of these colours is the way to achieve it.

This is definitely the most sumptuous trend of the lot, and it’s going to lay well over an all-white space in need of a punch of colour, as well as a moodier brown or charcoal foundation. It is indeed pretty versatile.

Featured Above: the rich and enveloping Lido Quilt Cover Set from Lorraine Lea

burgundy rose quilt cover set cushions bedding autumn winter

Shop the Rose Trend for Your Bedroom 

I’ve hand-picked a wide range of rich rose pieces for your bedroom that scream ‘cuddles on a cold night’. How good is that candle above btw (number 8)? I love discovering quirky pieces like this. 

  1. Tully Waffle Quilt Cover in Rose
  2. Malmo Mahogany Linen Throw
  3. Quince Jam Velvet Souk Cushion
  4. Anderson Earth Blanket
  5. Kiss Me Punch Hook Cushion
  6. Tropic Cushion in Raisin
  7. Nelly Table Lamp
  8. Diamond Queen Candle in Shiraz
  9. Quince Jam Velvet Eye Mask
  10. Kakadu Desert Sand Flower Wall Art
  11. Super Soft Throw – Russet
  12. St Moritz Quilt Cover Set

Which of these four bedroom colour trends is your fave? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Shout and and let me know which pieces you’re drawn to.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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