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olive green bedding set with white faux fur throw and cushions from lorraine lea

Fresh Style Ideas for the Perfect Winter Bedroom + Win a $500 Lorraine Lea Voucher

I’m so excited to share my tips on styling a bedroom for winter with you today. And even more excited to show you all the photos and video from my recent campaign with Lorraine Lea – featuring gorgeous decor from their new winter collection.

I have to admit, I’m loving the cold weather. I’m in the minority, I know, but what can I say? I love the rain, the chill, winter fashion, and the chance to add more layers into my home. It’s one of the reasons I moved to Melbourne six years ago. Beaches just aren’t my thing (give me a cocktail by the pool though and I’ll cope just fine).

The throws, the cushions, the extra bedding; it’s what makes winter styling so fun. So scroll on as I give you some ideas to make your bedroom amazing in the colder months. And scroll right to the bottom of this post to enter to win the $500 voucher from Lorraine Lea, which you can spend on anything you like from their online store.

lorraine lea taya olive quilt cover set in bedroom with dark blue upholstered headboard and sheer curtains

Winter Bedroom Look 1: Turn Down the Tone

OK, so I’m not afraid of colour. I love to splash it about the home all year round. It’s great in adding fun and excitement to a space in the warmer months, but when it gets colder it’s wise to change your approach to it a little. You should still embrace it, you just need to adjust the tone of the colour you’re bringing into the room.

Take green for example. In summer, you can rock louder tones like lime green and emerald; those tones work so well in a tropical scheme, which feels very warm-weather. But in winter, you want to make it a chalkier, lighter green (think sage), or you want it to go moodier with a darker, deeper green (think olive).

You can see this concept at play in the room above, where I’ve brought in the Taya Olive Quilt Cover Set and adorned it with textural throws in creamy whites. It still feels fresh, but it’s definitely richer and moodier. If that quilt cover set was lime green, you just wouldn’t achieve the same cosy feel.

PS your ensuite towels should always match your bedroom colour scheme. You heard it here first. See below for some style pairings and then I’ll link you to some of the products so you can grab what you like!

bedroom with olive green bedding and ensuite with kit kat wall tiles and floating vanity

Shop Pieces from the Turned-Down-Tone Look

There are so many new-season winter bedding drops in the above images, but also some glorious towels you can team with the theme to ensure your entire bedroom and bathroom has cohesion and connection. Because if your towels don’t match your bedding, you’re only telling half the style story!

Here are some must-haves from the rooms above:

lorraine lea selwyn tree branch quilt cover set in black white and grey bedroom

Winter Bedroom Look 2: The Literal Approach

Lovers of a neutral palette are sure to enjoy this literal approach to winter bed styling. It’s not only wonderfully black-white-grey in tone, but it calls on a forest motif to conjure up thoughts of winter. Kinda like bringing the outdoors in but without the actual cold, rain or wind.

The less colour and pattern you have in a space, the less invigorated the eye is going to be. So if you’re looking to inject calm into your bedroom and create a look that’s easy on the eye, I’d recommend going with this approach. While it is fairly minimalist (not too many cushions on the bed, which is unusual for me), there’s still interest at play in the overlapping tree motifs.

And can we talk about the charcoal grey throw and cushion? Talk about cosy. They’re new to the range along with the lamps you see on the bedside tables. I love the way that pop of gold brings just a hint of luxe to the room. Below you’ll see the bathroom towels that this bedroom look. And then the links will follow.

Need to find the right pillows for your sleep style? I have you covered with eight options here.

black and white bedroom with matching ensuite with terrazzo tiles and dark brown floating vanity

Shop Pieces from the Literal Approach Look

Not only are the black and gold table lamps new to the Lorraine Lea collection, but the microbile towels you see in the bathroom above are too. Each towel is treated with and Anti-Microbial treatment to aid in odour management and keep them looking and feeling fresh, wash after wash.

Here are your top must-haves from the rooms above:

lorraine lea franz quilt cover set with large watercolour brushstroke pattern in bedroom with blue wallpaper and sheer curtains

Winter Bedroom Look 3: Embrace Large Pattern

Large pattern in bedding is a really nice way to make a style statement, and it still keeps your bedroom feeling super-serene if you ensure the colours aren’t too vibrant. It’s like I said early above in the green bedding bedroom; tone of colour is really important in ensuring a space reads as easy on the eye.

Sure, this bedding set is more dynamic because it does have large pattern, but the colours aren’t saturated, so it doesn’t feel intense at all. This one is my fave quilt cover set after the Taya Olive bedding further up. It feels really positive and optimistic; winter bedding that’s giving you a hint of spring. Don’t you think it feels happy? That might sound weird to some, but it makes perfect sense to me.

It just goes to show you that you don’t have to abandon colour just because it’s winter. And I like the soft pink and blue tones you can carry into accessories on the bedside table. Also, how gorgeous are those table lamps? They’re new to Lorraine Lea as well. And I am loving that pop of blue in the bathroom scene below, aren’t you?

PS Do you need to find the perfect winter quilt? I have four quality options to choose from here.

pink and blue bedroom and ensuite with baby blue towels in baskets and terrazzo floor tiles

Shop Pieces from the Large Pattern Look

Not only are the table lamps new to the range, but the storage baskets are as well. I love the idea of injecting warm textures likes this into a bathroom, as they can be such cold spaces. But also check them out at play under a bedside table; storage for all your bits and pieces within easy reach.

Here are your top must-haves from the rooms above:

lorraine lea mursa black and white tribal pattern quilt cover set

Winter Bedroom Look 4: Keep it Classic

Keeping your bedroom black really leans into the cosy winter vibe. It’s an obvious choice because it’s failsafe, it bridges all ages and genders, and it brings with it a sense of timelessness. You can do no wrong with a black and white approach.

You do need to make sure your space is packed with pattern and texture to stop it feeling flat though. The quilt cover set you use in winter, for example, would benefit from a bold print or strong textural details, to give the room depth and dimension. You want it to make a statement without feeling too loud. The set above is perfection.

Layer the scene up with cushions and throws to evoke cosiness, and you’ll end up with a bedroom that feels warm and welcoming. Don’t forget the accompanying towels in your ensuite either. A dark charcoal or black would work wonders here (you can even combine the two as you can see in the photo below).

bedroom with black and white bedding and ensuite with light green wall tiles and black floating vanity

Shop Pieces from the Large Pattern Look

Don’t feel like you can’t introduce any colour into a look like this one. Above in the bedroom you’ll notice a hint of gold in the table lamps and art, plus a pop of orange in a book spine. It’s all about the scale of colour you’re bringing in. Keep in small and you’ll pull off a room that looks delicious. And of course, carry the look into the bathroom. I love the way the black bedding speaks to the dark floating vanity.

Here are your top must-haves from the rooms above:

Win a $500 Lorraine Lea Voucher


The gang at Lorraine Lea have been kind enough to offer up a $500 voucher to one lucky winner, to be spent on anything you like from their online store. 

I’ve shown you inside the new collection of bedding and decor, but feel free to use the voucher on anything that takes your fancy across their style-packed website.

To enter to win the $500 voucher, simply:

Giveaway is open to Australian residents only. Giveaway closes 11.59pm Wednesday June 30.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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221 Responses

  1. This seasons range is fab! I definitely need the new Taya Olive, and a set of Elayna sheets for a fresh, stylish finish on the bed. A new Leif lamp would be great, and a Begonia rug to finish. The Adara throw is one of the best I have ever owned! So over budget, but let’s throw in a few decor items to top it off, (I will need to match the $500 voucher and more!)

  2. A keen follower of tlc interiors, my wife has the decor side of things in the bedroom looking good. However as we ‘shuttle’ along in life, we have found our sleeping thermostats are ‘stratospherically’ apart. While my wife is cosying up under the doona, I’m sending my side of it into ‘orbit’. With that ‘starry’ $500, and the scientific (AND romantic!) expertise of NASA, a Thermal Balancing Topper will have us once again ‘over the moon’ in our own little nighttime ‘space’!

  3. Wow would definetly usr the voucher for the bedding combo in look 2 winter wonderland. Stunningly beautiful.

  4. Definitely the Selwyn set with a knitted throw rug. I’ve never had a proper winter bedroom setup before, and I’d love to make it ‘literally’ Scandinavian themed – the pattern and the deer on the cushions remind me of magical winter forests in Sweden!

  5. I would love the Leilani set, teamed with bright sheets, as it is wonderfully colourful and would bring the outside in to my bedroom.

  6. I would love to splurge for my Mum’s upcoming birthday on the beautiful Elayna sheets and soft wool blankets, as well as a new quilt set for her!

  7. Hi Chris, I would splurge on a dual layer quilt. It’s high time I replaced our quilt which was a wedding present 24 years ago 🙂 and I’d put the balance towards a new quilt cover. So many beautiful options but I’m leaning towards the ‘Fleur’.

  8. Ok, so I’ve just spent an hour on the Lorraine Lea website, and I don’t think I’ve been this excited since David kissed Patrick on Schitt’s! There are about six throws I’ve got my eye on, a gorgeous rug and sooooooo many cushion covers. (Although, I’m pretty sure bringing home even one more will push my husband completely over the edge…but, you know, priorities.) Can you really have too many cushions? #winkwink #allthecushions

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