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big w blue cushions on tlc interiors

25 Three-Piece Cushion Combinations for Your Sofa for Under $100 Total

One of the things our design clients here at TLC Interiors always struggle with is putting together cushion combinations for the sofas in their home.

Often I’ll do the in-home consultation and they’ll admit they find it hard to pair scatter cushions. And I totally hear them (and you too if you’re in the same boat). There’s colour to consider, pattern to think about, inserts to stress over. It can be a bit much to take on if you don’t deal in cushions on-the-daily like we do.

So today I thought, why not present you with 24 of my fail-safe cushion groupings so you can click-clack the options into your cart and have them at your place in no time? These combinations have been put together with interior design styles in mind (like Hamptons, luxe, boho and more). And here’s the best part: every three-piece cushion combo comes in at under $100 for the lot. I know right: I’m doing God’s work!

grey sofa with tan cushions and round marble coffee table in contemporary luxe living room

Before We Start: Tips on Grouping Scatter Cushions

I tend to follow the same strategy every time I style up a client’s sofa. Regardless of the colour of the sofa, the size of the sofa, or what the design style of the home is, the cushions are always purchased with the same approach in mind.

I always include three different cushions on a sofa and the set it usually made up of:

  • 1 x cushion in a solid colour, simple in form that differs from the colour of the sofa
  • 1 x cushion in solid colour, but with some texture to it like tassels, a weave, faux fur etc
  • 1 x cushion with a pattern on it, that acts as the eye-catching accent piece in the space

You can see this rule in action above in the living room from our Bentleigh Project.

Now, at times (and you’ll see it in the cushions in the mood boards below) we might bend the rules a little. Some clients don’t want pattern at all, because the vibe of the living room is super subdued. So sometimes that last cushion features no pattern but a little hint of texture. That texture might just be as simple as a velvet or leather cover, to give the scene a little tactility.

The cushions in number 6 position of the mood further down, for example, is a similar set to one I got for my clients in Thornbury. Their vibe was very calm-coastal-boho, and they really didn’t want anything demanding attention. But for the most part, I always stick to the three-cushion approach I listed above.

modern living room with sectional sofa and tan leather cushions

Now, How Many Cushions to Buy for your Sofa

So you’re probably looking at the cushions below thinking… do I buy just one set of these or two? Well, that’s all going to differ depending on how big your sofa is, firstly. But what mood you want to achieve also comes into play. Some of you will prefer a decluttered, minimalist look. Others will feel drawn to a rather full sofa. And some of you want formality.

Personally for me at home, and when I style for clients, I’m take a ‘more is more’ approach. I pack on as many cushions onto a sofa as I can without it looking ridiculous. There’s a fine line between a full sofa and it looking like a ball pit at a kids play centre. Nobody wants to sit down to watch TV and be sucked into a cushion vortex they may never escape from.

I tend to follow this numbered approach when styling scatter cushion combinations on a sofa:

  • For a two-seater sofa, I’d go four cushions (double up on the solid-colour cushion in the mood boards)
  • For a three or four-seater sofas, I’d style five (three cushions at one end, with two on the other)
  • For larger sofas with a chaise, I’d go with six cushions at least (two sets of the combinations listed below)
  • And for big sectionals, I’d honestly do nine cushions (three at either end, and then three in the corner)

Again, sometimes the rules can change depending on the client, but this is how I normally approach it, and how I recommend you to it at home on your sofa too. The team at Metricon have it right in their display home above. See inside the rest of this stunning home in this post.

Now that you’re all good to go, let’s take a look at some of my fave cushion combinations for a sofa, all for under $100 a curated set.

mixing cushion combinations for a sofa mood board

Here’s the first batch of 12 curated cushions for your sofa. What’s kept the total price per three-cushion pack below $100 is the retailers I’ve selected from. I’m talking bargains from the likes of Kmart, Target, Big W, Spotlight, Pillow Talk and more.

I’ve also mixed all the brands up too, because I’m a big fan of grabbing a bit from Store A, something from Store B, and a bargain from Store C. The best homes are honestly a combo of brands and prices.

1. Autumn Cushion Blue | Fern Pillow Natural | Botanica Cushion

2. Harlow Cushion White | Nomad Printed Cushion Blue | Sahara Cushion Navy

3. Chenille Cushion Navy | Coastal Tile Cushion | Isla Cushion White

4. Shepard Cushion Olive | Margot Tufted Cushion | Stella Cushion

5. Acacia Cushion | Brooke Cushion in Natural | Anastacia Cushion Aqua

6. Aries Cushion Natural | Edmonton Cushion Olive | Rectangle Cushion Tan

7. Grace Cushion Blue | Pleated Velvet Cushion Red | Lynch Embroidered Cushion

8. Windsor Cushion Burgundy | Jamelia Cushion | Round Velvet Cushion Pink

9. Lucy Blush Cushion | Teal Velvet Cushion | St Kilda Canvas Cushion

10. Gigi Cushion Russet | Moss Knit Cushion Natural | Sicily Girls Cushion

11. Brooke Cushion Natural | Ashton Cushion Black | Isa Tassel Cushion

12. Quinn Cushion Charcoal | Velvet Cushion Cedar | Block Geo Print Cushion

The scatter cushion bonanza continues below. I’ve got 12 more cushion combinations for you, and as mentioned already I’ve grouped them by style. Row one is Hamptons, row two is neutrals, and it goes from there. I’m sure you’ll find something that fits in with your scheme at home.

cushion combinations for sofas and beds mood board

Once again with this curated cushion mood board, all of the cushions are from different retailers but they’re all at really good prices. Now, you know I’ve harped on about the types of cushion inserts every cushion in your house should have on the blog before. But if you happen to find a cushion that’s got the wrong flat insert in it, still buy the cover and refill with your own plump filling!

1. Airlie Cushion Grey | Brunswick Cushion Navy | Laura Cushion

2. Tassel Cushion Denim Blue | Mariana Fringed Cushion Grey | Jed Printed Cushion Blue

3. Lucy Cushion Grey | Arctic Faux Fur Cushion | Ombre Blue Cushion

4. Parker Cushion Black | Herringbone Jacquard Cushion | Austin Cowhide Cushion

5. Zola Cushion Tan | Bahati Cushion | Corey Textured Cushion Black

6. Vera Faux Fur Cushion | Guggenheim Cushion Abstract | Rio Cushion Black

7. Juni Face Print Cushion | Textured Tassel Cushion Mint | Kei Cushion Pink

8. Jungle Cushion | Ashton Cushion Olive | Windsor Cushion Rose

9. Kalei Cushion | Velvet Look Cushion Green | Windsor Cushion Latte

10. Colette Black Cushion | Velvet Cushion Ginger | Palermo Pinks Cushion

11. Diamond Cushion Cover Charcoal | Kira Cushion Sand | Faux Shearling Cushion Brown

12. Koo Cushion Black | Guggenheim Cushion Floral | Imari Cushion Siera

sofa styling with scatter cushion combinations faux fur throw pillows

Let’s Talk Out Your Cushion Combo Conundrums

Still got a few burning questions about the scatter cushion combinations you want for your sofa? I’m all ears! Drop me a comment below with any questions you might have and I’ll jump in and point you in the right direction.

Of course, if you want to ask questions of me and other decorating junkies directly, you should probably come join my Private Facebook Group.

Happy decorating at your place!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  1. Hey Chris,

    I’d love to emulate the arrangement of the second photo. The mirrored pillows on the grey chaise lounge.

    Any idea where I could find cushions like these?


    1. Hey Dan. The second image in the post is from our Bentleigh home makeover and all of the cushions are from L&M Home. They sell direct to the public and their cushions (and throws) are amazing!

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