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australian candle brands quietude candles australia

Top 20 Australian Candle Brands: Our Fave Local Candle Makers Showcased in One Post

Updated for 2021. I truly believe that Australian candle brands make products that are far superior to the ones you can get overseas. There, I said it!

For me, candles are an undeniable you-can-never-have-too-many type of purchase. In this recent post I declared I had 39 scented candles in my home. Well, that was a while ago. I’ve since collected more. Don’t judge. With that in mind, I consider myself pretty clued up on what makes a phenomenal candle.

For me, a candle is considered astounding if it has the following going for it:

  • A killer vessel. Heavy is good. One I can reuse when the wax melts is even better
  • A sublime label. I want it to look great when I’m styling it in my vignettes
  • A fragrance for the gods. I need it to be like nothing my nostrils have whiffed before
  • I’d like to say a reasonable price tag. But Lord knows if it’s good, I’ll pay anything!

I reckon the Australian candle brands I’m showing you in this post tick all of the boxes above. What also makes them so special is how different they all are.

I hate the expression ‘something for everyone’, but I do think it applies here. I mean, if you can’t find something from this list of Australian candle brands that makes you swoon, I’m not sure we can be friends!

tandle candles australian candle brands scented candle in white glass vessel

1. Tanda

Words can barely describe the love I have for Tanda candles. When it comes to local candle brands, this one cannot be beat.

I’ve followed the journey of Tanda since its first batch of candles landed back in 2014, and the range just continues to grow and improve. This brand is always adapting its designs to stay up-to-date with current interior trends, so there’s always something new to appreciate.

The Whiff Rating: Not too overpowering at all, so great for a living room, dining room or bedroom. Burn these bad boys for hours!

See more from Tanda here.

best scented candles australia scent of home melbourne

2. SOH Melbourne

A SOH candle landed in my PO box as a gift late last year and it’s been the staple fragrance in my home office ever since (grab the Fig Tree scent if you’re a first timer with this brand).

The packaging is what makes these Aussie candles so special, but the vessels they come in are pretty gasp-worthy as well.

There’s a great sense of simplicity from this Melbourne brand, and the fragrance is powerful enough to fill an open plan living and dining room.

Because the scent is strong, you only need to burn them a little while. The fragrance remains long after you blow them out.

See more from SOH here.

meeraboo australian candle brand soy candles online

3. Meeraboo

Meeraboo is a family owned business based in Canowindra NSW. Run by mother and daughter team, the biz creates candles that are delicious to smell and divine to look at.

The aesthetic of their candle range is fairly minimalist and classic, so the palette will work in a variety of home styles. The Botanical Collection you see above is the one that’s got me swooning though. It’s not only a celebration of culture and country, but represents the merging of traditional and contemporary Indigenous art too. Let me at it.

See more of the Meeraboo range here.

australian candle brands celia loves bright candles

4. Celia Loves

Now, colour in the home is something I cannot live without, and I always love me Australian candle brands that tap into a sense of whimsy. Celia Loves candles do just that and I’m falling hard to them.

The labels alone are pretty phenomenal, but the scents are just as divine. With fragrances like Sweet Pea and Vanilla up for grabs, it’s the kinda candle you can have on all day.

Bath Time Bliss: Celia Loves is more than just Aussie candles. There’s salty soaks in the range too which contain essential oils and dried flowers. Hello relaxation!

Check out more from Celia Loves here.

australian candle brands byron bay candles

5. Byron Bay Candles

I mean, it’s hard to pass up a candle that’s made in one the most chilled and relaxed environments in the country! And rest assured, that sense of escape is in every one of Byron Bay Candles hand-poured creations.

Originally established in 2001, this Aussie candle brand has been part of the cool beach-side lifestyle Byron is renowned for. And I love that those of us who don’t live there can now bring a little of that vibe into our own spaces.

If you are a local, you’ll find the team in the hub of Byron’s Arts & Industry precinct where they flourish among other creatives. For the rest of us, their lovely online store will have to do!

See more of Byron Bay Candles here.

best scented candles australia maisey lime candle

6. Maisey

Not only is the packaging of Maisey Candles so wonderfully on-trend (love the grid pattern on the box the candle comes in), but the range of scents is positively mind-blowing too.

I also love how this brand came to be. Creator Sarah’s great grandmother Maisey used to make her own candles, and passed the recipe down each generation. It’s a beautiful story and a beautiful brand.

Maisey candles feature a strong scent, so you’re best to pop them in an entryway or large room and let the fragrance waft about your home.

Click here to see more from Maisey.

australian candle brands lemon canary mum candle

7. Lemon Canary

I love an Australian candle brand that produces gift candles. You know, the sorts that speak to that special someone or mark an occasion. Lemon Canary is that brand.

Not only is their Mum candle above absolutely beautiful (I’m adding it to cart for my own Mumma!), but they also stock a truly special ‘In Loving Memory’ candle that is evoking all sorts of emotions.

This stunning range is made to order in rare antique vintage glass jars, one of a kind handmade ceramic bowls, spectacular violet glasses and more.

See more of the Lemon Canary range here.

quietude australian candle brands best online

8. Quietude

When the concept of slow living merges with luxury, Australian candle brand Quietude is born. This new local biz is already making waves with their range of eco-friendly scented candles that embraces the act of self care.

I mentioned above that candle vessels and labels are everything, and can make or break a product. One look at the packaging from Quietude and you can see a tonne of care and attention has been taken. These products evoke sophistication all while delivering a clean candle burning experience.

They also sell a ‘Sniff Pack’ so you can sample a range of their signature scents before you commit to a full candle. Genius move from a very divine Aussie brand.

See more from Quietude and their amazing candles here.

sassy soy candles australian candle brands

9. Sassy Soy

Hand-poured in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Sassy Soy Candles’ best variety has gotta be the Relaxation Essential Oils candle. Take it from me; I own it.

Lighting this bad boy when you’re having a bath is like being transported to a dayspa. It contains lavender, cedarwood, geranium, ylang, orange and a whole lot more.

There are other options in their range too though. In fact, when it comes to the best scented candle brands in Australia, it’s hard to beat this extensive range.

Almost Too many to Choose From: They have over 40 scents available for your sniffing pleasure.

Click here for more Sassy Soy goodess.

cocolux australia candle brands gold candle jar

10. Coco Lux

What I love about Coco Lux is that, sure, they’re luxurious. The name suggests that and the packaging and vessels are on point too. But there’s also a strong moral code at play here too.

The products are made from coconut wax, which makes them super Earth-friendly. So you not only get a dose of sophisticated fragrance bouncing about your home, but you also get peace of mind that there’s nothing nasty hitting your nostrils.

Added Bonus: The copper, brass and onyx vessels are all recyclable too.

Find out more about Coco Lux here.

glasshouse candles australian candle brands

11. Glasshouse

Glasshouse is like a staple in the Aussie candle market, so you probably know them well already. I won’t bang on too much about them, except to say that I love all of the different varieties they have on offer.

The vessel above is by far my fave in terms of shape and style. So chic and geometric. But they have more traditional, classic styles if you swing that way.

Equality is the new Black: They have a new Love is Love candle on the market, which is giving me all sorts of joy and rapture.

Click here to check out Glasshouse candles.

australian candle brands hutwoods scented candles

12. Hutwoods

I’ve laid nostril on the range from Hutwoods and let me assure you: it is a divine experience. 

Established in Sydney back in 2013, this Australian candle brand was one of the first brands to pioneer with wood wick soy candles. Since then, the range has expanded and the products just keep getting better and better. 

The online store stocks the Lifestyle range (pictured above) a luxury range comprises of gorgeous metallic jars, and travel tins where you can enjoy the Hutwoods experience on a smaller scale.

They also stock homewares, perfumes and bath & body products, making them more lifestyle brand than candler creators. 

Find out more about Hutwood Candles and their range here.

r2 designs black scented candle best aussie candles

13. R2 Designs

Gracie Ferro had a dream after her children were born. To create and sell clean, non toxic and non-parrafin candles in her home. The result: the amazing R2 Designs.

I cannot explain just how chic-tastic the vessels and packaging from this brand is. Add to that the fact that they have a men’s fragrance and I’m sold. Gimme one of everything!

Clean and Cool: You need to get all over the activated charcoal soap from this brand. It looks amazing.

Click here for more R2 Designs candles.

circa home australian candle brand hand soap and kitchen soap with diffuser

14. Circa Home

I’ve had the regular Circa’s, the mini Circa’s, and the Christmas circa’s, and all of them are just as amazing as one another.

The Christmas candle from this brand is so good that I use it throughout the year! Why should the nose only experience joy in December?

Clean those Mitts: Circa Home also produce hand wash which I highly recommend. It’s soothing and sublime, so give it a try as well.

See more of the Circa Home candle collection here.

australian candle brands ecoya candles styled with flowers

15. Ecoya

There’s a timeless elegance about Ecoya that I’ve been drawn to for years, as their diverse candle range has come in and out of my home.

Their latest limited edition range feels particularly on-trend given what’s happening in interiors this year, so I’d head their first to purchase if you’re new to this brand.

Body Love: It’s not all nostril nirvana here. The brand also makes body products so all of your bod can benefit.

Check out the Ecoya range here.

maison blanche candles

16. Maison Blanche

I remember when these guys hit the market back in 2013 when I was still living in Sydney. They were stunners then and they’re even more amazing now.

This Aussie brand is proudly vegan (they never test on animals) and you’ll be pleased to know that they produce more than just candles. I’ve road tested their hand wash and lotions too and am happy to report that they’re utterly gorgeous as well.

They also stock diffusers and room sprays, so you can spread the Maison Blanche lover across your home!

Check out more from them here.

soy on the hill postcode candle and year of birth candle australian candle brands

17. Soy on the Hill

Having recently moved to Footscray here in Victoria, and then going into lockdown for a few months, I began to get a bit proud of my suburb. And so I went hunting for a postcode candle and hadn’t even realised that one of my fave brands, Soy on the Hill, creates them.

This Australian candle brand, located in Eltham Vic, not only creates postcode candles but a whole slew of other phenomenal varieties. The year-of-birth candles you see in the image above are just the beginning. They also create personalised candles (you tell them what you want printed on the vessel), alongside bath salts, room/linen sprays and gift hampers you can send to your nearest and dearest (or yourself!).

Loving what you see above? Check out Soy on the Hill candles here.

inoko marble and timber candle vessels with diffusers

18. Inoko

Last but not least is the divine Inoko; a gorgeous Sydney-based business that creates the stunning candles you see above.

The vessels are made from marble, timber and concrete. And the best thing about them is that you can reuse the container over and over (the entire candle itself can lift out of the vessel so you can continually update).

Always on-Trend: Marble will never go outta style, let’s face it, so I’m 100% smitten with those ones in particular.

Check out the rest from Inoko here.

australian candle brands emberfield cacao scented candle

19. Emberfield

I love discovering a new Australian candle brand, and I’ve gotta say that Emberfield has gone straight to the top of my lust list. The packaging is super chic and bang on-trend, and the scents themselves are stunning too.

I recently got sent both the Tonka and Fern scented candles from the lovely lady behind this brand, Rosie, with the Cacao you see above the next on my must-try agenda. 

A candle lover much like myself who believes you can never have enough, Rosie spent years testing hundreds of fragrance oils, waxes and wick combinations, to eventually create the collection of scented candles she had been searching for.

See more of Emberfield’s captivating scented candle range here.

australian candle brands hunter candles in glass amber jars

20. Hunter Candles

Last but by no means least is Hunter Candles; an Aussie candle brand whose products I’ve put my own nose too. In fact, as I type this I have their ‘Australia’ candle burning away; the gentle scents of blue gum, lemon myrtle and wattle filling the room.

Most of the range from this local brand are poured into the stunning amber jars you see above. There are some other offerings in the collection, but I adore the vibe you see here. It’s earthy, it’s organic, it’s a little moody and it feels so wonderfully inspired by the surrounds of Newtown, Sydney, where the brand operates from.

They also have room sprays, lighters and travel candles you can purchase too, so there’s a lot on offer.

Discover more of the Hunter Candles collection here.

australian candle brands quietude candles australia

So there you have it, the best Australian Candle Brands!

Need more candle goodness? We’re a bit obsessed here at TLC and have written about candles many, many, many times before.

What Australian candle brands are you loving? It would be great for you to let me know in the comments below. While I do consider myself a bit of a candle expert, I’m sure there are some local brands I’ve not discovered yet. Do let me know your faves so I can add them to the list!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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26 Responses

  1. Loved your article! Dare I say it but I am a candle snob. I stumbled across a lovely fragrance boutique in Ascot, Brisbane which is owned by two perfumers. I am totally in love with their candles and products which are totally exclusive to them. They do sell on-line too. There are no nasties in any of their products which I love. Yes, they are Australian Made but very much influenced by Paris and their name says it all – JAJI Fragrances & Parfumerie. My favourite candle fragrance is Vintage Suede. Their candle jars are a good heavy size, beautiful royal blue with a polished gold rim. Yes, they are a little more expensive but oh my gosh – so worth it for me! For your reference here is their website http://www.jaji.com.au

  2. You should check out Willows Scentials. I love that they use Australian Beeswax, and they really have so many fragrances.
    I just love the fact that they sourced their wax from Australia, none of that imported wax that I see on the net!

  3. I love this list ! You must must check out the One Oak Candle Co. They are absolutely kicking goals in the candle game and their scents are absolutely amazing! Their vessels are large, and the scent wafts throughout my house unlit. They are my new go to candle obsession!

  4. I’ve tried many of those and particularly like the Circa and the Coco Lux. I’m a self-confessed candle addict, and proud of it! However, in the past few years I’ve come across Lumen & Luxe (lumenadluxe.com.au) and I have to say I’ve never looked back. Amazing scents – which you can actually smell throughout a very large open plan space, as we have – and the range is ever-expanding. They do regular sized candles, and minis, but their killer product (which I’m lucky enough to have been gifted one by my Mum, after raving about them so much!!) is their huge concrete candles. Such a beautiful feature. Their room sprays are amazing too.
    The tigerlily & patchouli scent is my fave, and I can’t stop buying it, though am also being adventurous and branching into some equally divine fragrances this year (since I’m burning more candles being in lockdowns!) and have the Summer in Saigon (jasmine & magnolia – swoon) ready to go for the warmer weather. And the best part? Marina, who runs the business, is absolutely amazing. You MUST check them out. And no, I’m not related nor paid for this rave – HAHA! – I just love their candles.

    1. Oh yeah, I love Requie Opulenta! I am using those candles as gifts for Christmas. Personally, I like their French pear scent. I noticed that they recently came out with a cherry blossom candle which I love! I am not familiar with moontree but I will be sure to try it out.

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