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how to hang art above a bed floral art above pink and orange bedding

Affordable Art Online in Australia: Top 10 Places We Source from for Clients

One of the questions I get asked a lot by clients and readers is where to buy affordable art online. And so today I wanted to share the suppliers we source from for both design projects and our own home. Some of them you may know, while others you’d never think to look for online.

It’s a wise approach to mix affordable prints from brands like this with a few originals from local artists. The blend is always where the magic happens in a home. So after you’ve explored these affordable art brands, take a look at this post on Aussie artists who produce amazing abstract pieces.

If there’s a stunning online art brand you’re using that other TLC blog readers need to know about, drop me a comment at the end of this post. In the meantime, let’s explore not only some of our top affordable online art brands, but the mood boards I created which include some of their best pieces.

The image above is via Temple & Webster.

affordable art online australia urban road art

1. Urban Road

Urban Road is often our first go-to when we’re looking at affordable art for clients. They stock a wide range of different art styles; abstract to landscapes, Aboriginal art to photographic prints.

I find their abstract, nature-inspired artworks to be the most impressive of the lot. You can see some of them in the mood board above. They’re great if you want a piece of art in your room that feels scenic but not to literal.

Urban Road art is not only affordable and Australian, but the range is always updated to reflect current interior trends. Plus you can get each artwork as a paper print, framed paper print, stretched canvas or framed canvas. They come in a range of sizes, with prices starting at under $40. 

What’s even better about Urban Road is that they have an app that can help you visualise the art in your home before you purchase online. Pretty impressive! I’ve used their art so many times, but you can see some of it in the living and dining room of our Bentleigh project.

affordable art online australia united interiors art

2. United Interiors

The second online art brand we often use for design clients is United Interiors. They’re an Australian brand stocking tonnes of affordable artworks, and they’ve been around for almost a decade.

I find them perfect for bolder, louder pieces. You can see some of them in the mood board above, but they’re really just the tip of the iceberg. The other thing I love about United Interiors is that they sell a lot of pairs and triple-sets. So if you have a large wall to fill, they have a lot of divine solutions.

These guys also always have sales on, so you’ll definitely be able to pick up art at an amazing price. They have multiple sizes and frame options, and a range of affordable kids artworks as well. Prices always vary, but you’ll be able to find options under $100 here.

They also have a free artwork preview offering where you can send room photos and get art advice from their team. I’ve used their art in our Camberwell project, in the dining and living room if you want to take a look.

affordable art online australia print emporium landscape photography art

3. The Print Emporium

If you’re trying to hunt down affordable art online with a soothing photographic vibe, your first stop needs to be The Print Emporium. This is hands-down the best destination for art that transports you somewhere; be it to Greece, Italy, the Hamptons, Morocco, or our own backyard.

What sets The Print Emporium apart is their hand-painted look prints. These artworks resemble photos but have actually been hand painted by their in-house artist team, available as a reproduction giclée art print. It gives you the best of both worlds , with the prints available in eight sizes and five framing options.

The Print Emporium has been operating since 2107 to rave reviews. And you can pick up artworks from under $50, so when I say affordable art online in Australia, I mean it. I’ve used some of their pieces in our Camberwell Hamptons project, in the home office if you want a look.

affordable art online australia desenio art prints

4. Desenio

OK, so I cheated a little here because Desenio is not an Aussie art brand, but they do sell and ship to Australia and they’re definitely affordable. I also couldn’t leave them out of the mix because I have some of their art in my own apartment and good Lord is it amazing.

Now, when I say there’s a huge range, I’m really not exaggerating. There’s over six thousand art prints for you to browse through in an array of different styles and sizes. Thankfully the team have categorised the website into different vibes, so you can gravitate toward your preferred aesthetic.

The mood board above I put together in an array of their art styles but in a very on-trend monochromatic palette. It really does sum up their collection; photo prints, abstract art, illustrations, quote art, and so much more.

It’s worth pointing out that the prints come unframed, so you’ll have to take care of that element yourself. You can get art from Desenio for under $10 though, so buying a few affordable frames isn’t going to break the bank.

affordable art online australia olive et oriel black and white fashion prints

5. Olive et Oriel

The team at Olive et Oriel not only stocks affordable art online with prices starting at under $10, but they make it easy to purchase a number of pieces in a similar vibe.

The Bundle and Save section of their website does the hard work for you, showing you shoppable gallery walls that can be bought in one hit with discounts applied.

The mood board above captures what makes this Australian art brand so special; it’s incredibly affordable but oh-so-chic! Be it black and white florals, a coloured cityscape, or an inspirational quote, the art is available in up to nine different sizes and with three framing options.

What sets this website apart is the customisation aspect, where you can get family photos transformed into memorable works of art with illustration and text added. Upload your photos direct from your phone, have the team work their magic, and have it delivered to your door.

affordable art online australia gioia wall art pink and blue abstract artworks

6. Gioia Wall Art

I have to say, Gioia Wall Art is a fairly new discovery. One of my design clients actually brought this brand to me as she loved a few of the pieces for her home, and I agreed wholeheartedly. I love making a new art brand discovery, especially when they’re Australian and affordable.

This online art supplier is a fairly new player, established in 2018 with a goal to deliver well-priced art to Aussies in a range of styles. And there’s definitely a lot of variety on offer, as you can see in the mood board above. From bright and bold to dark and moody, there are pieces in the collection to suit every home.

The team also have in-home designers that can help you pick art for your space if you need some assistance. They also have ‘Perfect Pairs’ and ‘Triumphant Trios’ sections on their website which is a godsend for those of you needing a collection to span a long wall in a living room or hallway.

Prices start at just under the $50 mark for an unframed print.

affordable art online australia living by design hamptons style blue artworks

7. Living By Design

Here’s a hot tip from me to you: sometimes the best places to look for affordable art online are furniture and decor stores, not necessarily art-only suppliers. Case in point is the amazing Living By Design, who we use for our interior projects and who have a really wonderful range of art in their online store.

The team stock a good collection of Designer Boys Art, which is a trade-only supplier. So if you’re wanting to get your hands on some of those pieces but don’t need to work with a designer, Living By Design is where it’s at.

The pieces are admittedly a little higher in price, but you’re still getting great bang for buck in terms of style and quality. And as you can see in the mood board above, the pieces are a little Hamptons-inspired, but not all of them are strictly for this design style, of course.

Prices start at just under $150, but that’s for an 80x100cm framed canvas, which I consider incredibly affordable considering what you get.

affordable art online australia fine print co moody abstract artworks

8. Fine Print Co

It must be said, Fine Print Co is epic in terms of the vast range of art it offers. It’s the home of the complete Slim Aarons collection, which will set you back a little. But it also has an ample art prints section, which is where the lower-priced pieces come into play.

In terms of the vibe and style of art available, it’s really diverse. I’ve put together a moody monochrome array in the image above, but they have just as many bright and bold pieces, graphic prints, soothing scenery and lush landscapes. There’s hundreds and hundreds of artworks to explore in their online store, you’ll be in there for hours!

They team has stores in Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, but ship their art all across Australia. You’ll pay around the $80 mark for an unframed print, and also offer an in-house framing service if you want yours to come ready to hang.

affordable art online australia life interiors art prints floral artworks

9. Life Interiors

Life Interiors is a brand we use a fair bit when our residential design projects. They have amazing low-priced beds we tend to specify a lot because the quality is so good. The same can be said about their collection of affordable art, which brings together some of the most popular artists and art styles from across Australia. 

It feels incredibly on-trend, their art collection. But by no means are they fleeting pieces you’ll tire of quickly. The range is full of illustrations, abstracts, and scenic photography, with a lot of it coming from popular trade supplier Middle of Nowhere. Known names in the art world like Kimmy Hogan and Blackhaus Studio are also on offer.

A lot of the art already comes framed in a works-with-anything Natural finish. But there are unframed options if you’d prefer to shop for your own separately. In terms of pricing, you’re looking at a starting point of $60 for an unframed print.

affordable art online australia temple and webster print art

10. Temple & Webster

Last but by no means least is the website I’m always looking on for affordable everything, Temple & Webster. You know this Australian interiors giant already, but you might not know that they stock a really large range of affordable art online, and it’s definitely a destination you should explore.

For kids art, they can’t be beat. You can grab pieces that look amazing for under $20. But outside of that the options are endless. They have every art style known to man, plus you can filter by price range if your budget is tight. They always have special offers, fast shipping, and customer reviews you can check out for peace of mind.

Is there affordable online art in Australia from a brand I’ve not covered here? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments section below. Drop me one of your faves so other TLC blog readers can check them out. 


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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10 Responses

  1. Hi Chris,
    Really great article – thankyou!
    Just some questions on what you think the best format is to order artwork in from these sites – say an abstract piece. Canvas or art print, and then for the art print pre-framed or self-framed, and what about a mat? And if you recommend to self-frame, where is a good place to buy frames?
    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Eve, totally depends on where it is going, what your other art is framed in, the style you’re going for…there’s no one answer. Find a local framer if you don’t like the options offered by the suppliers :).

  2. Hi Chris
    Thanks for the great suggestions ( and some good sales on atm). Can I ask the names of the prints used in the Camberwell Project living room please?

  3. Mint Art Co.

    I know I am totally biased, but I think we have an amazing range of affordable art 😉
    We not only stock high quality, local AUSSIE made artwork (all sourced, curated, designed, printed and framed in house here on the Gold Coast!!), we also offer an ever-growing range of DIY wallpaper, which we also design and print to order 🙂

    We have been in business for over 22 years now, and also offer custom framing if you have your own photos or artwork that you would like framed.

  4. I’ve got some amazing prints from poster store (I usually compare poster store, postery, and desenio because they have some of the same prints)
    And they have 40 percent off sales quite often – for example this is available at both poster store and desenio https://desenio.com.au/au/reading-30×40?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIksyhhJj-8gIVRZJmAh3AIwrqEAQYASABEgL4BvD_BwE
    I think they’re owned by the same company? Maybe?
    I also have found some on Etsy!

    Which I recently got!

    Chris you are a gem thanks for all of these suggestions!

  5. Hi Chris! Not sure if the last post when through. We’re just wondering where that beautiful piece of art in the main bedroom is from?

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