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madras link brass candle holder with rounded base

20 of Best Designer Candle Holders to Elevate Your Tabletop Vignettes

You know how much we love candles here at TLC Interiors. Never met one we didn’t fall head over heels for. It’s surprising it’s taken this long actually, to showcase some of the best designer candle holders on the market right now.

We’ve shown you our fave Australian candle brands on the blog before, but this roundup is less focussed on the candle itself and instead shines a light on the vessel holding it. From holders to candelabras to candlesticks and beyond, you’re sure to find a designer fave to swoon over.

And the good news: there’s a range of price points in this candle holder showcase too. Who says it all has to be expensive? Enjoy the inspiration, and the ‘add to cart’ adventure! 😉

ikea fulltalig candlestick in black designer candle holders australia

1. Fulltalig Set of Three Candle Holders

I present to you the most affordable of all the designer candle holders in this roundup: IKEA Fulltalig Set of Three Candle Holders. Affordable can be aspirational, as the photo above demonstrates. These are only $19 for a set of three and we love the style and shape.

mette collections noidoi design kapp candle holder brown

2. Kapp Single Sculptural Candleholder 

How good is the Kapp Single Sculptural Candleholder? Designed in Norway, this candle holder is made from slip-cast stoneware and has been nominated for a number of awards. You can see why. The profile on this beauty delivers interest and simplicity simultaneously. A true standout for your sideboard or dining table.

house doctor brass multi candle candelabra amara

3. Tristy Candle Stand

The Tristy Candle Stand delivers a little luxury alongside its antique appearance. It also gives you the opportunity to display five candles at once. This isn’t a supporting-player-piece. It commands attention and will look amazing taking centre stage on a coffee table. Or why not pop it on a console table like this

retro twist candle holder glass coloured candle holder etsy

4. Retro Twist Candle Holders

What’s not to love about the Retro Twist Candle Holders? They’re not only available in five dazzling colours, but they’re so versatile they go well beyond being just a designer candle holder. Pop a stem in one end and make it a floral moment when you’re not in the mood for candlelight. 

normann copenhagen heima black four stick candle holder

5. Heima Four-Armed Candlestick

The Heima Four-Armed Candlestick has long been a favourite. We’ve gazed at its minimalistic beauty for some time now, and just love the simplicity and strength at play here. Made from durable cast-iron, this is Normann Copenhagen design at its best. And at $130, it’s a gorgeous price too.

ginger finch candela candle holder in black and grey

6. Candela Candle Holder

The Candela Candle Holder comes in six refined colourways, all celebrating their geometric style and brutalist silhouette. At just $29, you can get a number of them and display a few different colours in the one vignette. The tapered holder on one side makes them a cinch to pick up and move around too.

tom dixon swirl cone candle holder black and white marble

7. Swirl Cone Candleholder

The Swirl Cone Candleholder from Tom Dixon is a bit of a splurge piece at $299, but sometimes you just need to invest in a designer candle holder you know you’ll own for years. Substantial in weight, smooth in texture and bold in pattern, Swirl is a hand-cut beauty that’s going to bring drama and craftsmanship to your tabletop.

dito blue double candle holder clay designer candle stick holder

8. Dito Candle Holder Double

It’s not every day you see something like the Dito Candle Holder Double. I think that’s why we love it so much; a true individual that’s not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Originally sculpted by hand, its unique shape and pattern come from the process of pressing fingers onto the clay. And the blue colour is just stunning.

menu duca candle holder designer candlelabras tope and metal

9. Duca Candle Holder

The Duca Candle Holder is more than meets the eye, and that’s just one of the reasons it’s so special. By loosening the screw on its stem, the height of the design can be adjusted as the candle burns. Cool right? The polished brass and rattan finish add a level of tactility a lot of the other designer candle holders in this roundup just don’t possess. 

hay flare glass candle holder pink orange yellow designer candle stick holder

10. Flare Glass Candle Holder

These divine Flare Glass Candle Holders are a nice alternative to the Retro Twist holders further up that may have been a little too crazy in shape for you. Featuring a more classic profile, these colourful glass holders bring elegance to any space, and blend traditional and contemporary design perfectly. 

unum brass multi candle holder black pillar candles

11. Unum Candle Holder

Now this is what I call a designer candle holder; the seductive Unum Candle Holder. Featuring soft swirls to give it a fluid feel, the brass finish gives it an industrial edge. It’s a coming together of hard and soft that makes this piece so special. Buy multiple pieces and create your own story – it’s genius!

kristina dam studio offset designer candle holder concrete

12. Offset Sculpture Candleholder

The Offset Sculpture Candleholder is made from travertine and sandstone, making it more of a sculpture that just happens to hold a candle, rather than a simple candelabra. The contrast between the smooth grey sand stone and the porous travertine is as striking as it is unique. Two side by side on a buffet would look just divine.

papaya nala tall black geometric candle holder

13. Nala Carved Candleholder 

There’s something about the shape of the Nala Curved Candleholder that’s giving us life. The profile is everything, of course, but can we talk about the size? These don’t fade into the background; the large one stands at 83cm high, so you can sit it on the ground in a cluster with some smaller ones to make a real impact.

madras link brass candle holder with rounded base

14. Candle Stand Brass

Sometimes you want to keep your designer candle holder looking chic and simple. The Candle Stand Brass does just that. It brings class and elevation to your space, but doesn’t scream for attention. It’s a bit of an understated beauty that’ll work in an array of settings. I love it paired with some greenery on a tray, as seen above.

ferm living leaf gold candle holder design stuff designer candle holders

15. Balance Tealight Candle Holder

The Balance Tealight Candle Holder is definitely not understated. You have the geometrical shapes and brass finish to thank for that. The arch can be used as a handle to carry the candle holder too, making the design both beautiful to look at but highly functional as well. And you can display a tea light and pillar candle side-by-side.

madras link double timber candle stick holder designer candle holder on table

16. Double Candle Holder

What’s not to love about the Double Candle Holder. Designed in Australia and made from easy-clean ceramic, it comes in a neutral yet interesting colourway that bodes well for placement in a number of vignettes. The perfect imperfection here is beautiful, with one candle sitting slightly higher than the other.

provincial home living nomad green vintage concrete candlestick

17. Nomad Candlestick

The Nomad Candlestick gives you a little vintage feel without it being vintage at all. A rustic ceramic candle holder in a variety of gorgeous green tones, it’s set to bring a good dose of age and character to your tabletop. With three sizes available, why not snap up all three and create a delicious look like the one above?

black mini root candle holder garden glory

18. Mini Root Candle Holder

The Mini Root Candle Holder is a little dark and mysterious, and that’s what makes it so special. With its twisting, mesmerising root design it’s already destined to become a staple in your tabletop styling. Featuring a matte black single mini root made of aluminium, it almost looks like its melting onto the surface beneath it.

menu interconnect candle holder polished brass candelabra

19. Interconnect Candle Holder

Possibly the most designer of all the candle holders in this roundup is the Interconnect Candle Holder. It’s an investment piece without a doubt. A bold and illuminating centrepiece of exaggerated proportions, it features a sphere, an angle and a line – uniting to create the unique design.

fenton and fenton twilight crystal candle holder tall orange and pink

20. Twilight Crystal Candle Holder

Last but not least in our roundup of designer candle holders is the colourful Twilight Crystal Candle Holder. It’s from Fenton and Fenton and is a big fave of ours here at TLC Interiors. Available in two sizes, why not pair them together with a candle colour of your choice to create an eye-catching statement on your mantle or console?

Which of these 20 designer candle holders is your fave? Shout out in the comments below and let me know which one’s making you swoon. We’d love to hear from you!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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