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white and grey living room globewest with tan leather armchair and grey floor rug

The Best in Textured Grey Floor Rugs for Every Room at Home (With 20 Options You Can Shop)

I’m not one for keeping secrets, so in the interest of mentioning it all (if you’re a RHONY fan you’ll get that reference), today I wanted to share the best type of floor rug we use time and time again for clients so you can use them too.

I even have one of them in my own apartment. It’s hands-down the best rug style for so many reasons. And in this post, I’m not only going to share those reasons, but I’m going to link you to many versions of this sort of rug. And of course, there will be budget buy rugs and investment options too, because we like to explore them all.

Here it is you guys: the textured grey floor rug. That’s it. That’s the reveal. I know, it was somewhat anticlimactic. But I’m a designer and blogger after all, not the script writer for The Undoing. And with that out of the way, let me tell you what makes a grey floor rug one of the best type of floor rugs you can buy (and show you some of my faves). 

The hero image in this post comes via Globewest.

modern luxe living room with grey sofa tan leather cushions and marble coffee table

Textured Grey Floor Rugs Work with Many Design Styles

A floor rug is such an important purchase because it takes up a lot of visual real estate. It’s not a cushion or throw you can retire to a cupboard if you tire of it. Your tootsies will caress it every day, and if you have kids, they’ll probably be rolling around on it endlessly. 

So, you want to make sure it works with the interior design vibe you’ve got going on inside. The good news: textured grey floor rugs work with practically every style. Hamptons? Yep. Industrial? Absolutely. Contemporary Luxe? Uh-huh. How about light coastal and boho aesthetics? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

The inherent mid-tone of a grey floor rug means it doesn’t feel too warm (like a beige rug can) or too cold (like a blue rug might). Because it doesn’t feature a heavy pattern either, it can be a nice supporting player in the room, allowing things like art or lighting to be the dominant feature and focal point.

the block 2018 bianca and carla living room reveal

Grey Floor Rugs Contrast Nicely Against Different Floor Colours

The majority of you will have hard flooring like floorboards/vinyl planks or soft flooring like carpet. A smaller portion of you will have tiles, and some of you even polished concrete (my personal dream come true!). A textured grey rug will work on all of these surfaces, and the images in the post prove it.

Most hard flooring is warm. Be it an ultra-light lime-wash, a mid-toned oak, a native blackbutt or spotted gum; they’re all warm. Even red tones like Jarrah or darker tones like Black Japan are still warm. And that’s why a textured grey floor rug provides a nice sense of contrast. It doesn’t blend in, but it doesn’t scream either, but it helps cool things down.

If you have grey carpet at home (or grey tiles or concrete) a textured grey floor rug under a coffee table or bed is still going to look lovely. You just want to make sure you select it in a different tone to the flooring underneath. You always want a slight variation in colour.

Need a rug for your dining room? Here’s our guide and what to embrace and avoid.

contemporary luxe living room with blue velvet armchairs and black marble coffee table

Textured Grey Floor Rugs Give You Subtle Pattern

Floor rugs with large patterns or busy smaller ones can exhaust the eye. Over time, they also tend to wear on you. It’s something you can tend to tire of over time. And depending how much you’ve spent on it, this is definitely not the sort of item you want to replace constantly. Longevity is key.

A textured grey floor rug is the best option for longevity because it tends to support other pieces of furniture instead of competing with them. But, it does give you just enough interest. That’s because a lot of textured rugs like this have raised piles, often at different heights, so you get that feeling of movement and pattern without it being over-the-top.

It could be a shag rug (ultra fluffy), it could be a loop pile (serving up plushness), or it could be a woven or knotted rug which gives off tonal variance and movement. Even the slightest inherent speckle can do wonders in how a rug looks when it’s down on the floor. It’ll give you the feeling of pattern without actually being a pattern.

textured grey floor rug on carpet in white boho bedroom
via miss amara

Textured Grey Rugs Floor Rugs Hide Dirt and Pet Hair 

I’ve gone into detail on the best types of rugs for pets on the blog before (I have two cats of my own, and the struggle can be real), so do check that out if you’re after an easy-clean option. But really, for concealing dirt you can’t go past the textured grey rug.

Textured grey rugs are great in this domain because fibres find their way into the lower piles. This is if there are piles at different heights present, which there is in a lot of the rug varieties showcased here. That doesn’t mean you can’t easily vacuum them out, but to stand and look at the rug it won’t appear dirty.

They also conceal pet hair quite well, again because of the pile height and variance in grey tones used. Now, if you have a ginger cat or white dog this point might be null and void, buy for grey or black pets it really does help hide the tumbleweeds of fur a little, until you get a chance to vacuum. 

modern luxe living room with marble coffee table fake plant and blue glass vase from west elm

Textured Grey Floor Rugs Can Be Super Affordable

Rugs are like every other item in the home: they can be an absolute steal or cost a bomb. Now, neither is better than the other. It really just comes down to the way you use the rug and how you live. If you’re without kids and pets, you might want to invest more because stains are less likely.

If you’re a younger family prone to spills, you might not be ready to invest a lot of money into a rug. My advice is to buy the best you can afford, based on your lifestyle. Often super-cheap rugs won’t last long (you often get what you pay for), so it’s a matter of buying well without over-spending on something you’re going to (potentially) ruin.

I always find furnishing a home is walking that fine line between not spending too much, without trying to find the cheapest thing there is. Buy well, based on your lifestyle (that’s always my advice). And sometimes you just love a piece so much you’ll sell your first-born child to attain it regardless of price – we’ve all been there!

dark bohemian living room with tan leather cushions and grey walls
via metricon

20 of Our Fave Textured Grey Floor Rugs

Below I want to showcase some amazing rugs from suppliers we use all the time for our design clients. And as I said above, I’ll also include some budget options for those of you who want the look for less. There’s loads of textured grey rugs here – many that we’ve tried and tested – so I’m sure you’ll find something you love.

Need a rug for your bedroom? Check out our expert guide to size, shape and style.

textured grey floor rug shine west elm

1. Hand-Loomed Shine Rug

Kicking off the roundup is this nice textured (but quite flat) rug from West Elm. The Hand-Loomed Shine Rug is perfect for a bedroom or under a dining table.

magic textured grey floor rug from the rug collection

2. Magic Floor Rug

With a delicious blue undertone, the Magic Floor Rug is a fave of ours as it adds warmth, movement and just a touch of subdued colour. We’ve used it in a number of our interior design projects (like our Camberwell makeover)- and it’s the best!

mia grey leaflets wool blend floor rug

3. Mia Grey Leaflets Rug

Not only does the texture in the Mia Grey Leaflets Rug display a divine geometric pattern, but the wool blend is going to give you a tonne of softness underfoot. The perfect find for your bedroom!

sierra grey textured floor rug armadillo and co bedroom rugs

4. Sierra Floor Rug

Look at the movement in this sublime jagged-pattern Sierra Floor Rug. Pale grey, mid tones and a hint of charcoal all dance together across this beauty. It comes in three different colours too.

elements nirvana charcoal grey felted rug the rug lady

5. Elements Nirvana Floor Rug

This is one of the best bauble beauties I’ve seen in a long time. The softness of this Elements Nirvana Rug evokes can’t be beat. And with prices starting at $669, it’s an affordable option to add real warmth to your home.

mo floor rug miss amara textured grey rug

6. Moa Grey Herringbone Rug

You had me at herringbone. Love this Moa Grey Rug! This is a wonderful example of a rug that gives you pattern, but it’s more because of the woven nature of it, as opposed to a repeat motif printed on top that feels loud.

garcia textured grey floor rug from the rug collection

7. Garcia Floor Rug

It’s the speckled hues in this handloom knotted Garcia Floor Rug that win me over. Made from wool and luminous artsilk, it’s going to add both softness and mood to any room in your home.

stoense textured grey floor rug from ikea in living room

8. Stoense Floor Rug

Another bargain buy is this textured Stoense Floor Rug from IKEA. It’s just $249 and 200x300cm in size. That’s great bang for buck! The thick pile on this rug conseals the edges, so you could push two together in a really large space without an obvious seam. 

parko grey floor rug from tribe homeparko grey floor rug from tribe home
via the palm co

9. Parko Floor Rug

The Parko Floor Rug is the perfect textured rug. It’s soft touch and bouncy finish is amazing under foot. You can even see how well it works on a concrete grey floor. A great sense of contrast here even with a similar colour story going on.

andorra grey floor rug armadillo and co

10. Andorra Floor Rug

There’s a lot to admire in the Andorra Floor Rug. The pattern is inspired by the flecks of cut rock faces, while the flat Soumak weave is super tactile. Great colour variation and sense of movement here.

west elm terra stripes textured grey floor rug

11. Terra Stripes Rug

Yes, this is a patterned rug, but it’s not a loud one. The Terra Stripes Rug is amazing because it gives you a lot of movement with the stripes and you can see varying tones playing across the entire face.

pompeii grey textured floor rug from armadillo and co

12. Pompeii Floor Rug

New Zealand felted wool is woven tight into a durable composition in the Pompeii Floor Rug. This means it’s the perfect textured grey floor rug for high-traffic areas, all while delivering a softness underfoot.

light grey handwoven textured grey rug from temple and webster

13. Lotus Grey Wool Rug

This is another fab bargain buy in our textured grey rug roundup. The Lotus Grey Wool Rug is from Temple & Webster and is only $389. The small polka dot pattern is so intricate that it reads as texture more than it does print.

tierra stone grey braided rug miss amara

14. Tierra Stone Floor Rug

The beautiful Tierra Stone Floor Rug is a stunning flat-weave shag-style rug with a variety of textures. It’s made from eco-friendly PET fibres and features a combo of twisted braids, loops and hand knotted techniques.

sherpa weave grey rug from armadillo and co

15. Sherpa Weave Floor Rug

This is the textured grey floor rug I have in my own apartment, and it’s lasted me years – even with mischievous cats! The Sherpa Weave Floor Rug comes in a few different grey tones and is handwoven from a lush wool blend. A definite fave.

graduated dot grey floor rug from west elm

16. Graduated Dot Floor Rug

What I love about this Graduated Dot Floor Rug is that the grid of white dots adds just enough pattern to make it interesting while still reading as a neutral. It’s handwoven from 100% wool, with a lush pile for plushness underfoot.

melrose charcoal textured grey floor rug from the rug collection

17. Melrose Floor Rug

After a quality textured rug that supports the other players in your room? The Melrose Floor Rug is your go-to. Made from luxuriously soft handloom knotted NZ wool and artsilk, it’s a rug with a divine multi-tone colour gradient.

queen grey hand loomed wool rug the rug lady

18. Queen Grey Floor Rug

Would you get a load of those thick baubles! The Queen Grey Floor Rug is constructed from a high quality wool and viscose blend, supported by a structured backing, giving a plush look and feel. What’s not to love?

aero grey floor rug from tribe home in coastal bohemian white bedroom
via the palm co

19. Aero Silver Rug

The Aero Silver Rug is the perfect textured solution for any room in your home. It’s soft touch and bouncy finish is so stunning underfoot. Comes in four sizes too, and a lovely 2cm pile height.

Amalie textured grey floor rug from miss amara

20. Amalie Marbled Grey Rug

Last but not least is this stunner; the Amalie Marbled Grey Braided Floor Rug. It just screams warmth, movement, texture and sophistication, don’t you think? Woven, looped and braided techniques have been used to stunning effect here. 

Hopefully you enjoyed this showcase of the best in textured grey floor rugs. Trust me, if it’s grey and textured it can’t be beat. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions, and enjoy adding one of these beauties to your space!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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