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organic luxe dining room with organic timber table and white slip cover chairs

Explore the New Organic Luxe Interior Design Trend: High-End Meets Harmonious

The organic luxe interior design trend is here, decorating junkies, and it perfectly merges high-end grandeur with zen-like harmony.

This the best of both worlds; a celebration of opulence that feels wonderfully sophisticated, but with all of the nature and greenery you need to keep things feeling earthy.

Think of this look as mother nature in her most luxurious form. And in this post, I’m going to talk you through how to achieve the vibe at your place (because truthfully, there’s a skill to getting the balance right).

Scroll on and soak up the design wisdom!

organic luxe round timber table in home entry foyer coco republic
via coco republic

Organic Luxe Interior Design Addresses The Need for Nature

We love a bit of technology, don’t get me wrong. I have Sonos this, Apple that, and more apps than you can poke a stick at. But with all of this glossy tech in our homes, we’ve been left yearning for a connection to nature. 

Coming out of the pandemic, the need for the outdoors to come into our homes has never been stronger. Having been cooped up for so long, we want the lines to blur between our interior and alfresco spaces. We want to breathe deep, and feel calmer.

We’re also looking to design that feels more tactile. The shiny home gadgets aren’t going anywhere, but we do want them balanced out with materials that celebrate nature; finishes we want to touch, curl up in and feel cocooned by.

james said walnut timber four poster bed luxe bedroom diamond pattern floor rug
via james said

The Palette in this Look is Neutral, but Not All-White

The colour palette in this look is very nature inspired, as you’d expect. White is present in the shell of rooms, of course, but it’s married with a medley other light tones like cream, bone and oatmeal.

Black punctuates here and there, but it’s not a main player. You’ll find it in door and window trims, for example, and in smaller moments like lamps, furniture legs and decorative accessories. But it’s very much in smaller doses.

Brown is a key player, in mid to dark tones. We want to let walnut, tan, almond and other moodier tones dominate. Some oak will find its way in, like in hard flooring, but we’re definitely steering clear of light blonde timbers.

Varying shades of grey are also seen throughout, in design elements like sheer curtains, fabric on sofas and chairs, plus rugs and decor.

coloured travertine coffee table on beige rug with white sectional sofa
via coco republic

The Vibe Celebrates Stone and Timber

It’s important we call out the two stars of the show in the organic luxe interior design trend: stone and timber. There are huge amounts of both in this look and they’re what make it so luxury-meets-nature. 

The stone is the luxury element, and there’s a huge array of it in different styles and colours. Marble is there for sure, but it’s often darker and mixed with other stones like travertine (one of this year’s big interior design trends), granite and concrete. 

Timber is the nature element, and with this feature you have to ensure the visible grain is there. You want to see the lines, the roughness and the craftsmanship in furniture pieces. A little imperfection is great in tables; a few organic edges work well.

brown suede armchair with beige throw blanket in living room with concrete fireplace

It’s Definitely Not Industrial Though

We like to know what to embrace when it comes to an interior design trend. But we also need to know what we should avoid. And with this organic luxe look, you need to avoid the timbers going too industrial.

It’s a common mistake to make with this look, because we do want a sense of nature and one or two timber pieces with organic edges. We don’t want it to go rough and rustic though. We don’t want jagged edges. We don’t want a bushland, Australiana feel

This is a nod to nature, so always keep the timbers fairly smooth and sealed. The flooring above is a nice example of this. You can see some grain and knotting, but it’s super refined.

orange towel with pom poms on edge of white bath tub

Metallics are Mixed, and Always Brushed

The reassuring news is that the Organic Luxe interior design trend celebrates a mix of metallics. So if your home is already established and with chrome door handles and hinges, you don’t need to go replacing them.

You can bring in brass and nickel and have them play with the chrome seamlessly. The important factor to keep in mind though is that the metallics should brushed. By that I mean they’re not pure. No brightness, no bling.

This aesthetic is all about calm, so we don’t want shiny objects catching our eye. Metallics should be earthier and with some age and character. 

organic rustic living room with stone stack fireplace surround coco republic
via coco republic

The Masculine and Feminine Blend is Key

Ugh, I know; I hate using words like masculine and feminine when it comes to design. I guess what I mean is, there’s a blend of dark/moody and light/ethereal elements in this trend. 

You’ll see a brown leather armchair alongside soft linen curtains. You’ll notice a rougher rug under an opulent marble coffee table. There will be dominant stone around a fireplace but with a more delicate pendant light nearby.

Balance is everything in this look. It’s what makes it so appealing to everyone.

organic luxe living room with white sectional sofa and travertine coffee table
via coco republic

Embracing Space and Light Keeps Things Sophisticated

A sense of space is everything in this interior look. Room to move is the new marker of luxury in homes, you heard it here first. The approach to furniture is more minimal because each piece feels so curated, so crafted, so special.

That means there’s no need for filler, no need for clutter. You’d be wise to mark out furniture in your space before you purchase to ensure the dimensions won’t fill the room up too much. You always want air and space around everything.

Light is another important factor here. You want to let in as much as possible. You don’t want it to feel like you walk inside and things get dark. Avoid heavy curtains, and always embrace a skylight if you can fit one into your design.

organic timber sideboard with slat front profile
via living by design

Nature Should Feature in Every Room

As already mentioned, the blur between indoor and out is a really important to showcase in this trend. The Organic Luxe interior design vibe hinges on this. For that reason, injecting greenery into every room is essential.

Greenery doesn’t necessarily mean plants either. Of course, you want those, but you also want flowers in vases. You want stems and sticks and twigs. You want to work in rocks if you can. Pine cones could work too. 

There are loads of ways to bring nature inside and make it feel luxurious. Every room should have some of what was just mentioned to keep it feeling natural.

brown leather sofa with organic linen throw blanket with tassels
via l&m home

Opt for Organic Linens and Some Handmade Accessories

To finish off rooms, you’d be a clever cookie if you chose soft furnishings with an organic feel. Throws on chairs, beds and sofas made from organic linen would be truly magical. If they feature some fringing, even better.

Cushions should feel equally relaxed, but refined. You should avoid velvet cushions here as they’re too cliched ‘luxe’. Linen, leather and/or suede would be far better alternatives and will help the whole seen feel lighter.

Handmade accessories are a must-try too. Vases and vessels from Etsy would be fab; something an artists has handmade. You want these pieces alongside newer finds to make the home feel more curated over time.

organic luxe dining room with organic timber table and white slip cover chairs

Are you Loving the Organic Luxe Interior Design Trend?

What’s your fave part of the organic luxe interior design vibe? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Let me know if this is a scheme you’d work into your existing home, or one you plan on using in your new-build.

Drop a comment below and share your thoughts!

Shop the Look: As noted above, images in this post come via Coco Republic, L&M Home, James Said and Living By Design.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  1. Talk about timing ! The slab for our new house was poured today so now it’s getting real and I need to move my focus from the planning to the furnishing and styling! This article was perfect for me. We are using black windows and accessories so reading this gave me heaps of inspo on how to start the next process. Thanks

    1. That’s amazing, Sue! I’m glad you got some ideas and inspo out of this article. It’s my fave design style at the moment. So impressive and earthy but also really versatile; something you can put your own stamp on! Good luck with the build.

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