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lorraine lea mimosa quilt cover set in australiana bedroom design with gumnut wallpaper

The Australiana Trend is Now an Interior Design Style in its Own Right, Come Look!

Who knew that when the Australiana trend landed back in 2017 it would end up becoming an interior design style in its own right? I certainly hoped it would stick around, but you just never know whether a temporary look will be popular enough to move beyond a fad. Thankfully, this one has.

In today’s post I’m going to give you a tonne of Australiana interior design ideas from my recent campaign with Lorraine Lea – styled by yours truly! This campaign features a lot of achievable ways to make the Australiana vibe your own, and I’ll even link you to the products you’ll need to pull off the look.

This is a design style that’s wonderfully local; it’s inspired by so much of this country’s scenic landscapes. I mean, sure, we love an overseas style like Hamptons or Scandi. But there’s nothing better than our interiors channeling what’s going on in our own backyards, don’t you think? 

This post is produced in partnership with Lorraine Lea.

lorraine lea lido quilt cover set in australiana bedroom decorating

The Australiana Style Rocks Rich Reds

For years and years Aussie interiors have been cooler climates when it comes to colour. The accent tones we’ve tended to introduce in rooms were often blue or green, or a shade in-between. The good news is that we’re evolving, and warmer tones are finally working their way into the mix.

You don’t have to apply these warmer shades in huge doses though. There’s no need to paint your walls red, for example, when you can do it in a more risk-free way through bedding, other soft furnishings, and smaller decorative touches. The bedroom above is a nice example of this approach in action. 

The room is grounded with soft grey walls, furniture in darker tones, and sheer curtains in light charcoal. I’m sure many of you have rooms like this at home already, and they’re ripe for some easy-to-overlay red tones.

The quilt cover set on the bed not only injects some earthy reds into the scene, but the stripe detail with pops of pink keeps it feeling playful. There’s a nice sense of balance in the space. It’s not too serious, it’s not too whimsical. It feels quite rich and sumptuous, if I do say so myself. 

The delicious chunky throw is a nice way to add further layers to the bed too, especially in the colder months.

lorraine lea red and black stripe bedding in bedroom with black timber bedside tables

Style Buys to Rock the Rich Reds Look

I’m not going to leave you high and dry without the products you need to make your bedroom amazing. Here are your must-have style buys from the above space:

If red tones aren’t your thing, fear not; there are more Australiana interior design ideas below that feature an array of other soothing tones.

sage green bedroom with pink accents australiana interior design eucalyptus wallpaper

It Also Embraces Earthy Greens

I know some of you are thinking… red is just not my thing. And I hear you. The reassuring news is that the Australiana interior design style is not an all-red affair. In fact, green is a huge part of this scheme too. So if cooler colours are your thing, you’re not missing out by any means.

The bedroom above is a perfect example of using green to channel the Australiana vibe while keeping the entire scene feeling super-serene. I advise you play with an array of greens in the tonal scale here. Everything from light sage right through to deep forest greens. The only tone I’d avoid here is zesty lime (it reads as more tropical and will take you in another direction altogether).

 It’s not all-green though, as I’m sure you’ll notice. In the room above and below I’ve brought crisp white sheets into the mix and adorned the bed with a gorgeous pink throw. This gives the bedscape necessary warmth and layers, but it’s also well-balanced. 

Pattern is another must-do when rocking the Australiana design style. You want to look to leaf motifs. It’s present in the wallpaper here, but also in the bedding. I love the subtle green-grey motif on the quilt cover set. It gives you a sense of nature without feeling too obvious.

australiana bedroom design with eucalyptus wall art and wallpaper

Style Buys to Execute the Earthy Green Approach

There’s a few soothing buys I recommend you get your hands on if the bedroom above is doing things to you. Here are the top must-haves:

If a hint of pink isn’t enough for you, wait until you fest your eyes on a bedroom below that uses it on a much grander scale.

bedroom with pink quilt cover set and black and pink floral wallpaper australiana theme

Australiana Style Loves a Pop of Pink

Now, I know that pink might not be the first colour you think of when you hear the word ‘Australiana’, but it’s pretty hard to deny how delicious it is in a bedroom setting like this one. And really, you do see a fair bit of pink in nature, so it was only fitting to include it as a colour option in this campaign.

What I love about this bedroom is how grounded it feels. You have a bright pink quilt cover set on the bed, but it doesn’t read as visually overwhelming. Sure, the bedding and wallpaper is a vibrant combination, but all the charcoal grey tones in the room balance it out. Adding in bedside tables that feel a bit rustic and industrial goes a step further in keeping this space feeling mature and refined. 

Of course, many of you won’t have wallpaper as bold as this one. And that’s absolutely fine. This pink bedding would look just as luscious against a crisp white backdrop. It’ll give your bedroom a light and whimsical feel, as opposed to the darker and moodier vibe I’ve gone for above. You could easily swap out the dark sheets, throws and cushions above for white ones and it’ll look equally impressive.

Bonus tip: if you want to reduce the intensity of a bold wallpaper in a bedroom like this, install a horizontal mirror above the bed in a fairly simply frame. It’ll work wonders in introducing a visual break to the wall.

lorrain lea elayna rose quilt cover set in bedroom with pink floral wallpaper

Style Buys to Bring Pops of Pink to your Room

I’ll link you to both pink and grey tones below so you can easily replicate the look of this bedscape at your place. But like I said above, you can swap out the darker tones for crisp white ones if you wish to and the overall look and feel of the room will be just as stunning!

If you love a little vibrance and sunshine in your interior scheme, scroll on as we explore how to bring in some yellow tones into your spaces.

grey sectional sofa with round black timber table and green and yellow cushions

Add Some Yellows into the Mix Too

I couldn’t showcase ways to rock the Australiana interior design style and leave yellow out of the equation. And what’s so good about this colour is that you can bring in almost any shade and have it work wonderfully against a backdrop of white or grey. It also plays so well with rich brown tones – so earthy!

Choose a vibrant, sunny yellow like in the cushions on the sofa above, or consider a muddy ocre tone like in the vase on the coffee table. Or, why not have them in the room together and enjoy them at the same time? You honestly can’t go wrong when it comes to punches of yellow. Just make sure you keep it to accent pieces like cushions, throws, art or vases. Less is more.

To make a scene like the one above feel resolved, it’s wise to not just have one punch of yellow in the space. You want a few so the colour feels intentional rather than a mistake. The art on the walls is a nice idea here because it has the cushions make more sense in the space.

I also love the green in the room above too. It’s present in the art, and so it got replicated in the cushions. Again, it feels more intentional, and inturn the room feels more resolved. 

green and yellow cushions on grey sectional sofa with round black log coffee table

Style Buys to Have Your Room Look Like This One

Not all of the buys below will be yellow. Some are grey, some are green, but together they make for a combination that feels earthy and Australiana. It’s an easy-on-the-eye look with a few small invigorating moments. Enjoy!

Material is another important aspect when it comes to getting the Australiana interior design style right. Below are a few hints and tips on that front.

brown timber floating bathroom vanity with green towels lorraine lea cooper towels bathroom vanity styling ideas

Lastly, the Importance of Material Finishes

I want to briefly touch on materials for the Australiana style. I’ve spent most of this post talking about colour and pattern, but the finishes in your pieces are important as well. 

You really want to ensure you have a lot of matte materials, especially in ceramics. By all means have a few glossy pieces, but you want less shimmer and shine in this aesthetic, so keep the gloss in ceramics to a minimum.

When it comes to furniture for this style, think dark and rustic. This isn’t an oak or blonde timber kinda vibe. You want it to be far moodier than that. It’s nice to have a wood grain on show as well. It’s about a celebration of craftsmanship. It doesn’t have to be fully industrial (the timber can be smooth, instead of rough), but you do want a nod to a more country feel.

To balance out the nod to industrial, you want to layer in soft furnishings with embellishments like frayed edges, tassels, cable knit, pom poms and more. These details bring a sense of tactility and warmth. 

Pictured in the images above are the lovely Cooper Towels in Avocado and the Emine Towels in Rose.

What do you make of the Australiana interior design style? Are you a fan? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below: which room here is your fave?!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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5 Responses

  1. Great post, well done. Love the ideas. My wife and I discovered we accidentally made our style Australiana without realising it. Adding onto your post, some simple things we found to take Australiana style further were:
    – artworks of Australian landscapes;
    – Indigenous artworks;
    – Australian floral bedspreads and cushions; and
    – Australian native flowers in vases.
    We discovered that several things evolved with Australiana style which were:
    – First, it’s very versatile so it can work well with every other style;
    – Second, landscapes and Aboriginal artworks have become more colourful in recent years so one can be more bold; and
    – Last, it’s very accessible to all price points and budgets.

  2. Hi Chris, I love the Australiana style, especially the green elements.. So calming especially when we’re stuck at home – it connects us with nature. I’d love to get a print like the botanical print above the grey sectional sofa with the olive green & yellow cushions. Can you point me in the right direction. Thanks xx

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