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Howards Storage World Elegance Range - TLC Interiors

How to Organise the Perfect Wardrobe + Win a Howards Storage World Voucher

A few months back, I posted some tips on how to declutter your home. Recently, I’ve spent a fair bit of time practicing what I preached; clearing out cupboards, drawers, bags and boxes.

Nothing gives me greater satisfaction that feeling organised – and giving clutter the boot certainly helped me achieve that indescribable moment of domestic bliss.

Howards Storage World Elegance Collection - TLC Interiors

I also transformed my wardrobe with a little help from Howards Storage World’s brand new Elegance range – organising my clothing in a way that now makes sense and transforms the way I get ready in the morning (no more stressful searching for socks!).

This is a TLC Solution for Howards Storage World.

Howards Storage World Elegance Range - TLC Interiors

I filmed a video with the team recently and got to witness the luxury of the Elegance range up-close, but getting to put it in my own space at home really reinforced the quality of the pieces and how they can truly reinvent your wardrobe for the better.

The Elegance range contains premium storage boxes, totes, shoe boxes and an array of dreamy hangers – made from both timber and chrome, plus double sided printable tags so you can label your garments. This is a collection that, in true Howards style, merges form and function; it looks amazing and it works incredibly well (not to mention giving your precious clothing the home it deserves!).

Click below to watch the Elegance video featuring yours truly

My Tips on Organising the Perfect Wardrobe

  1. Give clothes room to breathe and store your high-end pieces on quality hangers. Hangers with felt ends are great and won’t tear clothing.
  2. Store special occasion pieces away in boxes with lids. Not only does it prevent dust from getting in, but it ensures these pieces don’t take up essential everyday wardrobe space.
  3. For clothing you don’t hang – like tees, shorts, belts and more – consider storing these in totes on shelves – allowing for easy access when they’re needed.
  4. Store shoes in stackable boxes so they don’t get squashed. Howards’ acrylic boxes are ideal for this; you can see the shoes and they feature holes for ventilation.
  5. Create zones in your wardrobe; hung items, tote items, stored shoes and special occasion pieces. This makes getting ready almost like a fun production line!


To go in the Draw:

Click here to visit the Howards Storage World Elegance Range
– Comment below naming your fave product and why

Comp Open to Aus residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Friday, September 11

This competition has now ended. The winner was Kasey Zendler.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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19 Responses

  1. I know this would bore some people but I love the hangers with the notched shoulders. The lack of clothes slipping off hangers gets me excited!

  2. Your blog post totally inspired me and I’ve been cleaned, organised and reinvented my wardrobe!!! ahhh the satisfaction I feel now looking at all my skirts lined up together, all the dresses in the one spot and all the shoes neatly in the shoe rack! Now I need to tackle the dreaded top of the wardrobe, you know…. where everything has been flung out of reach? well the Elegance Premium storage totes would rock this space!!! Neatly placed side by side filled with all the random bits and pieces they’d finish off the job….think….organised, precision, wardrobe elegance 🙂

  3. The storage totes! I’ve just had a baby and I’m in between sizes at the moment, so I’ve an excess of things I need to organise until they fit again!

  4. Adjustable pants hangers are my favourite in the wardrobe – they keep my pants uncreased, ready to go, and instantly visible. Being adjustable also lets me decide whether I want my pants hung by their legs or their waistband – it varies, depending on the fabric.

  5. totally love the Elegance storage totes with the chrome handles. These would be perfect to store things in almost every room of my house, but at the moment my studio office is in desperate need of these to hold all my art supplies. The medium size totes for my vast collection of paints and pencils, and the large for my art books and sketch pads. Yes please!

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