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ikea stockholm leather sofa in moody urban living room

Our Top 10 Leather Sofas (And the Ones I’ll Never Recommend)

I’m working on an interior design project at the moment that finally has me recommending brown leather sofas. Cue the applause and cut to me with a tear in my eye.

It’s been a long time coming, you guys, but thankfully I have a client who’s on-board with leather furniture. It’s taken a while to find a project like this but the decor gods have come through for me. I knew all of that cushion chopping would pay off in the end. The gods do love a chopped cushion.

So many of my design projects spark ideas for blog posts, and this time it’s no different. I’m hunting for brown leather sofas right now. And if you’re reading this, I assume you are too. So let’s look at some of the best options together and lock in our faves.

Have your credit card at the ready, because some of these brown leather sofas are so swoon-worthy you’re going to be punching in card numbers like there’s no tomorrow.

Further down, I’ll reveal which leather sofas I’ll never recommend. Is the suspense killing you?

ikea stockholm brown leather sofa in small apartment

1. Stockholm Leather Sofa, $2399

Let’s kick off my roundup of brown leather sofas with the most bargain-friendly option: the Stockholm 3-Seater Sofa from IKEA.

Now this one is available in a darker tone as well, however it reads as black to me and further down you’ll discover exactly how I feel about black leather sofas. The profile of this one is rather clean and structured, and I like that it comes with side cushions to make curling up in the corner of it a lot cosier.

The leather IKEA uses on this sofa is treated with a thin protective coating to give it breathability, all while keeping its natural, unique marks like wrinkles and scars. A gorgeous affordable option.

Got a small living room like the one above? Read my tricks for styling small spaces here.

lounge lovers nadia three seater leather sofa

2. Nadia 3-Seater Sofa, $2499

So this Nadia 3-Seater Sofa from Lounge Lovers I find rather impressive. It has that divine warm leather tone to it, but it also features striking timber arms. This isn’t a feature you see on a lot of brown leather sofas (or any colour, for that matter), so I appreciate the point of difference.

The sides of the Nadia sofa sport nail-head details as well, which gives the whole piece a rustic, industrial feel. Its leather is also hand-distressed to give it character and patina, but sealed to ensure durability.

The foam core and fibre back on the Nadia make is a pretty cushy and comfy sofa to kick back and relax in.

brosa camden brown leather chesterfield sofa

3. Camden Chesterfield Sofa, $2598.99

I do love a sofa that sports a vintage vibe, and you definitely get that with the Camden Chesterfield Sofa from Brosa.

The timelessness of this style of sofa really appeals to me. It is that perfect blend of new and old. I know many of you like to give a nod to an older style without the sofa itself actually being old, so the Camden is a winner in that respect.

Upholstered in premium leather, Camden is designed to improve in softness and character the more you sit on him. And because of the type of leather used, each sofa comes with its own unique markings and appearance. The wheels are a nice added design bonus too!

ruby brown leather sofa from sofa secret

4. Jordie Leather Sofa, $2799

This is the exact tone of leather that springs to mind when you think of a ‘tan leather sofa’. It has such a warm and luxurious feel to it. And the other great thing about the Jordie Leather from from Secret Sofa is that it looks good from all angles, so you can position it with its back to the room, no worries.

Jordie also comes with Secret Sofa’s Black Diamond steel sprung seating platform, which is said to deliver one of the most-comfortable seats available. And who doesn’t love a chaise they can fall asleep in while Netflix asks “Are you still watching this?”.

Jordie also has a reasonably high seat on it, so it’s great for those of you who find getting in and out of a low sofa a bit tricky.

west elm haven loft brown leather sofa mid century living room

5. Haven Loft Leather Sofa, $3119

Middle of the pack in terms of price-points for brown leather sofas is the Haven Leather Sofa from West Elm. But by no means is it middle of the pack in terms of looks and quality.

What I love the most about the Haven is the colour. It’s not tan, but rather a gorgeous shade of pewter. It just feels a little unexpected and less run-of-the-mill. I know the client I’m working with at the moment didn’t want the leather sofa to be too warm, so this kind of tone is ideal.

Its deep, comfy seat and low, padded arms give it a welcoming sink-right-into-it quality. I also like that he stands on shapely wooden legs, instead of metal.

coco republic vittoria brown leather sofa in luxe living room

6. Vittoria Sofa, $3565

I think my fave brown leather sofa in the list has gotta be the Vittoria Sofa from Coco Republic. It feels wonderfully contemporary and sleek, and I like that it feels more warn and less tight. You know what I mean when I say tight right? Some leather sofas are just far too tight with the upholstery. I like the aged quality of the leather here.

I also rather enjoy the high arms. Pop a few cushions one either end and you could fully lay down on this sofa of a weekend and not move.

The Vittoria also sports a moody, masculine vibe and I so want to design a bach pad and put him in it. The frame is constructed from local hardwood, seat cushions are supported by innerspring suspension with elastic webbing, and the inserts are comprised of foam and fibre. Shut up and take my money!

Alessandra three seater tan leather sofa from amart furniture

7. Alessandra 3-Seater Sofa, $4299

Now this Alessandra 3-Seater Soda from Amart Furniture is a good option for those of you who like a fuller, classic-looking sofa.

It appears quite firm at first glance, but the cushions inside are actually a combination of feather, memory foam and high density foam. What I find the most striking from a point-of-difference perspective are the nickel-plated black chrome legs. They’re quite an unusual design and not something you see on a lot of sofas.

The stitching is also another feature the Alessandra has that a lot of the other sofas in this roundup are missing. So if you like to see that detail through the leather, this one’s a hard option to beat.

8. Gaspard Leather Sofa, $5698

I know I said the Vittoria above was my fave, but now I’m rather torn after laying eyes on the stunning Gaspard Leather Sofa from Horgans.

There’s so much to love about this sofa. Firstly, the coffee colour makes it less warm than a few of the others listed here. It’s also got one of my other fave features; a beautiful pipe detail around not only the arms but the cushions as well.

It’s raised off the ground on chic and minimal black metal legs, and I love that the cushions looks soft and sumptuous. It has that sink-into-me feel that you want in a sofa, but it feels clean and structured at the same time.

The cushions on this brown leather sofa are 88cm deep so this definitely has comfort written all over it.

interiors online harley sofa wornbrown leather chunky sofa

9. Harley Sofa, $8299

When it comes to brown leather sofas, this one looks like it’s floating on air, and that is a cloud I want to ride on. The thin metal legs of the Harley Sofa from Interiors Online give it that floaty feel. But then you have the weight and presence of the leather to balance the design out.

Not only does this look incredibly comfortable, but can we talk about the colour? This isn’t just a brown leather sofa. This isn’t a run-of-the-mill tan leather sofa. This is a caramel sofa. And there’s something about the weathered look here that is giving me heart palpitations for all the right reasons.

You know what else we need to focus our eyes on? Those arms. Look how wide and ample they are. I was going to say you could happily sit your wine glass on them. But let’s be real; you could fit a dinner plate on them and deem a table completely unnecessary.

trit house miller brown leather sofa with low profile

10. Miller Leather Sofa, Price Varies

There are so many options and ways to configure the Miller Leather Sofa from Trit, which is why I haven’t listed an exactly price.

Of all the brown leather sofas here, this one gives you the most customisation. You can basically build your very own sofa from scratch, adding in more or less seats, your preferred arm option, and more.

Covered with premium quality Italian upholstery, the Miller is under-layed with plush and generous cushions. I also love that the sofa goes all the way to the ground. It’s wonderfully low; ideal for a living room you want to have some seriously chill time in. Once I got down into this beauty I’d never get back up.

vittoria brown leather sofa coco republic luxe living room
This one from Coco Republic is a winner.

The Leather Sofas I’ll Never Recommend

Now, before you get offended, keep in mind that I am a designer, and as such I have an aesthetic. I have my own vibe. I have a style people know me for. And if nothing else you know I’ll always be honest with you (even if it means eating my words at a later date if I change my mind).

With that said, the leather sofas I’ll never recommend, and that you’ll never see my put in a client home, is white or black ones. There, I said it.

White and black leather sofas bring with them a somewhat outdated feel. It’s not your fault, but in years gone by the options in leather sofa colours were so limited that black and white were pretty much the only tones on offer. And because of that, budget stores stocked loads of them. Big, puffy versions that swallowed rooms whole.

And so I’m yet to see a white or black leather sofa that brings with it any modernity. And I’m a modern designer. If you have a black or white leather sofa and love it, I’m fully behind you doing you. But I don’t see these colours in a modern setting. To me they feel very reflective of a moment in time. A little nineties, dare I say it.

So for me, brown leather sofas are where it’s at right now. And that could change in a decade’s time. But in this very moment, they are thebomb.com in my eyes.

Which is your fave from my list of brown leather sofas? I’d love to know not only that, but if you have any brown leather sofas at home that other TLC blog readers would love to know about. Let me know where you got them from.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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4 Responses

  1. Love the look of a brown leather sofa, but sticking to them in summer is not my idea of a good time! Leather and Queensland do not mix lol.

  2. I think to look at i like all of them, but with sayng that the colour sets the mood. i find to many sofas have been designed to accomodate men with long legs so that women need to have a cushion at the back to be comfortable. my husband selected and bought one similar to the Camden six months ago much to my digust, in brushed brown tones, (as i am a brighter toned person), but with dusty pink and euculyptus cushions and thows its growing on me. Like shopping for all things if you you arent in the mood to take time to pick something dont bother looking, wait to be in a good upitty mood and go mad at the stores and online.

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