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Step 5- DIY headboard tutorial

15 DIY Tools every Decorator should have Under their Sink

I’m the worst when it comes to doing maintenance things around the home (don’t be fooled by the shot above – that makeover was a disaster!)

Truth be told, I generally look to my partner to help me out of a jam when it comes to completing something ‘handyman’ related (even if it is pretending I don’t know how to put IKEA furniture together, leaving him to spend hours on the floor with flatpack furniture and an Allen key).

Industrial Spindle Transformation - Sand it


Are you in a similar boat?

If you find yourself hassling your significant other to get jobs done around the house (and would like to do them yourself instead), this post will you sort you out, by supplying you with a list of must-have DIY tools and what you can use them for.

15 DIY Tools every Decorator should Own

IKEA Electrical Drill on TLC Interiors

Electric Drill

I got my drill from IKEA because quite frankly, walking into a hardware store was just too overwhelming. I didn’t want all the bells and whistles; I just needed something I could use to quickly put furniture together or pull it apart. An electric drill is your saviour when you have a load of screws to screw into something like a bed or sofa. Shop the IKEA one here – it’s only $59!

Picture Hanging Kit

If it’s one thing I’ve learnt over my years in decorating, it’s that no two frames are the same and that many of them come with nothing to fix them to the wall. Enter the picture hanging kit. They’re as cheap as chips and you can grab them from Bunnings, Masters or other hardware stores. Go for a kit that can hold the most weight, because you don’t want art crashing down off the wall and smashing everywhere. Not pretty. Click here to see a kit from Bunnings.

Tape Measure: Never step out measurements in your home – they’re always wrong! And always ensure you measure out the height of things like beds, tables and chairs too (before you purchase) so you can understand just how dominant they might be in a space.

Step 5- DIY headboard tutorial

Staple Gun: The best thing when it comes to securing fabric to wood (upholstery of any sort is horrendous without it).

Spirit Level: You can get spirit level apps on your phone now, but if you’re a bit old-school like me, you can pick them up for under $15. You’ll need one when hanging art or shelving to ensure it’s straight/level on the wall.

Wrench, Screwdriver, Hammer, Pliers: All four are absolutely necessary when it comes to putting furniture together or pulling it apart. With the screwdrivers, I’d buy a set that has them in multiple sizes (that is, if you don’t want to buy an electric drill)

Stanley Knife: The best for opening large boxes with. I get deliveries all the time and using scissors is a nightmare.

Cable Ties from Bunnings on TLC Interiors

Cable ties: Great for holding cords together behind the TV or computer. If you’re OCD about those sorts of things like I am, cable ties will stop you from going postal having to look at cord-related mess all the time. Some have labels too so you know what is what back there.

Allen Keys: Not all furniture stores supply them, so it’s a good idea to buy a set so you don’t get your new bookshelf home and can’t put it up!

Velcro for Fabrics - Velcro Ideas - Hold down Floor Rugs

3M Hooks / Blu Tac / Velcro: All three are great for pictures on walls and the velcro is surprisingly good at holding rugs down in living areas (I posted about this recently).

>>> Are there any tools I’ve forgotten? Drop a comment and let me know what’s in your toolbox!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  1. If only it all fit under the sink! The other essential for me is a roll of low-tack masking tape to mark out furniture/ art dimensions & positions before I commit to buying/ moving/hanging.

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