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Spray Painting pots tutorial on TLC Interiors

How to Transform your old Pots into Bright, On-Trend Planters

There’s a mountain growing in our shed, leaning slightly to the left and it’s made from garden pots. I’ve been handed down pots of every shape and size, utilised some throughout our garden and now have a collection of ill-fitting leftovers.

I’m Georgi from A Splash of Colour and this fortnight we’re transforming ghastly garden pots into colourful containers worthy of beautiful blooms.

Spray painting pots like this is incredibly easy, so let me show you how below!

Pot Spray Painting Project Before TLC Interiors blog

What you will need:

  • Garden pot
  • Surface Prep Spraypaint (clear)
  • Primer Spraypaint
  • Coloured Spraypaint – two contrasting colours
  • Masking tape
  • Dropsheet or cardboard for painting on

 Spray Painting Pot Project Step 1 on TLC Interiors blog

Step 1

Source the garden pot/s and clean off any dirt and grime. You can source the Surface Prep, Primer and coloured Spraypaint from your local hardware store.

Spray the pot with clear Surface Prep Sraypaint and leave it to dry. It is essential to do this step, as primer and paint do not bond to ceramic or plastic surfaces well by themselves and the paint will chip off.

Once the Surface Prep is dry, coat the pot with Primer Spray paint and again, leave it to dry.

Spray painting Pot project Step 2 on TLC Interiors Blog

Step 2

Take the coloured Spraypaint that is to be your bottom colour, which will be revealed to give the geometric outlines (in this case white) and cover the entire pot in the desired colour.

Covering the primer may take two coats of Spraypaint to completely cover. With Spraypaint application you are better to paint several light coats as opposed to one heavy coat of paint, as the paint will more than likely run and create drip marks down the side of your pot.

Leave the pot to dry overnight so the coat of paint dries hard and reduces the likelihood of painting chipping off in later steps.

Spray painting pot tutorial Step 3 on TLC Interiors

Step 3

Once completely dry, take your masking tape and place lengths of tape across the outside of the pot to create geometric shapes. I used 18mm wide tape, altering between single and double width sections of the tape.

Spray painting pot project step 4 on TLC Interiors blog

Step 4

Take the top coloured Spraypaint and once again, cover the entire pot. Leave the paint to dry overnight.

Once completely dry, gently peel away the masking tape to reveal the base colour.

If you are painting a terracotta pot, once you have completed Step 4, ensure you cover the entire pot – inside and outside – in a clear terracotta sealer. Terracotta is absorbent, even with layers of paint on it, over time you are likely to find water stains seeping through your painted exterior. The sealer waterproofs your pot.

Spray Painting pots tutorial on TLC Interiors

To finish, just add fabulous florals or gorgeous leafy greens!

>>> Once you’ve completed your spray painted pot, share it with us on Instagram! Tag @tlifecreative or @asplashofcolour_blog in your creations or hashtag #createasplashofcolour .


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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