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Interior Design Trends for 2017: Muddy & Muted

I know what you’re thinking before you even read this post; but I don’t like warm colours! I know, I hear you. But what makes the last of my forecasted interior design trends for 2017 so interesting is that it will convert anyone who normally avoids autumnal shades (I promise).

The other two trends I’ve forecasted to be big this year, Extreme Nature and Urban Warrior, are quite different to the look I’m showing you here. The other two are more about objects, patterns and bringing in particular pieces to pull off the style. The Muddy & Muted look is far more about colour and texture; using both in a harmonious union to evoke an emotional response.

So put aside your aversion to all things warm and let me help you fall in love with this trend. Because as you’ll see below, turning down the shade on warm colours can actually create major magic!

interior design trends 2017 terracotta coloured decor

Muddy & Muted: A perfectly balance palette

The colour palette in this trend, which I think will hang around far beyond 2017, is really muddy and muted. It’s a far warmer colour story than we’re used to in Australia, and the shade is turned right down.

Deep reds, rich oranges and muddy pinks play alongside cinnamon tones and espresso hues. Nude – a colour that’s been increasing in popularity in recent times – also gets a feature, but in smaller does.

To balance out the richness of these colours, you’ll notice that green has been introduced. The easiest way to bring in this sense of balance is through indoor plants or a muddy green feature wall.

The interplay of these warm tones might usually feel quite hot and overpowering. But because the shades themselves are so muddy and not too visually stimulating, they can create a space that feels rather cool, calm and relaxing. The picture below is a great example of a perfect colour balance.

interior design trends 2017 desert tones interior design ideas

“these warm tones might usually feel quite hot and overpowering. But because the shades themselves are so muddy and not too visually stimulating, they can create a space that feels rather cool, calm and relaxing.”

interior design ideas home office in muted pink tones with cowhide rug

Image above styled by Mari Strenghielm. Photographed by Lina Östling

Textures: Rough meets Refined

There’s a really interesting mix of materials in this trend and a great sense of balance between them. This look is all about exploring the harder elements mixed in with softer touches.

In terms of harder elements, think matte ceramics and pottery, natural stone and aged brass in small doses. Frosted glass will also look great here. Even concrete can be brought in (because we all know that concrete is not ready to be retired just yet!).

When it comes to the softer elements; introduce suedes, linens, soft leather and cow hide rugs. Velvet is a nice addition too. Cork is also going to make a comeback in large and small doses. So expect everything from seating to homewares and even large feature walls decked out in this material.

terracotta home decor on cork side table interior design trends 2017

Ease into the Vibe

I know that this trend seems far more daring and risky than you might be used to at home, but you can ease into it.

You don’t have to buy a terracotta sofa or paint a wall orange. Consider a bedding set that features grey and burnt orange shades. Grab a throw for your sofa in a nude or deep green colour story. Or, if nothing else, a nice handmade vase with a matte finish that showcases the hues you see in this post.

I’d love to know what you think of this look. When it comes to interior design trends for 2017, is this one on your lust list?

Image one in this post via Lightly. All others via Pinterest.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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