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dining table styling ideas TLC Interiors

Dining Table Ideas: Different Ways to Style this Tricky Space

A TLC reader emailed me recently asking for some tips on how to style her dining table.

It wasn’t until I read the email that I remembered I used to have issues doing this in my own home many moons ago, too.

The dining table is a little tricker to decorate than the coffee table because it often has a room dedicated to it. It’s a great honking piece of furniture you have to adorn with something, and you have to consider leaving space so you can still eat at it (even if it’s just for the occasional dinner party).

So I thought it timely I put together a post on dining table styling, using some dreamy imagery from around the web. Read on for things to consider when styling your dining table…

Dining Table Ideas: Different Ways to Style this Space

Dining Table Styling Ideas - Terrariums


Table Styling Ideas - Textural Table Runner

Think texturally

Above, a runner works well to bring softness and warmth to an otherwise hard or clean-lined space, and I find that rectangular tables always bode well for this sort of styling. Displaying everyday items on the table can create a really relaxed and charming atmosphere, too.

Below you’ll see a more rustic antler scenario is bringing contrast to this shiny, contemporary dining space. Always think about texture and contrast when decorating any room; too much of the one finish will make the space feel cold and sterile.

Table Setting Ideas - Introduce Texture - Animal Horns

Table Setting Ideas - Large Pendant over Dining Table

Go up or out, but not both

Above you’ll notice how this large dish is fairly subdued in its design. That’s because the pendant is the star of the show here. Always consider what is going around the table and when you want the eye to rest or be stimulated.

Below, this festive-inspired table styling is kept white so that texturally it’s interesting, but it’s not taking away from that stunning geometric wallpaper. Here, the rule of three is certainly helping the space feel resolved (placing three items at varying heights).

Dining Table Styling - Rule of Three with Christmas Table Setting

Table Setting Ideas - Plants on Dining Table

Plants, flowers or fruit

They’re all very natural and colourful ways to inject some life and love into a dining room, and the beauty of flowers especially is that you can rotate them constantly. Fresh florals are always preferred over faux varieties if you can afford to update them often.

Plants indoors are huge right now, so consider a lush green variety and get creative with the pot you sit it in. Cement pots are an on-trend choice, and provide great contrast when placed on a wood table. Always go for contrast: I’d never place wood on wood, for example.

Table Styling - Fruit Bowl on Table

Dining Table Ideas: Other things to consider…

Scale: A big table needs a big item on it, and the same rule applies for small. I know this sounds obvious, but I’ve seen large tables with lots of mini decor items on them. And they tend to look odd.

Height: If your centrepiece is going to stay on the table at all times, ensure it’s not above face level when people are sitting at the table, or it will obstruct their view and hinder conversation.

Restraint: Go for something grand, but avoid lots of knick knacks running down the centre of the table. These scenarios are great but meant more for special occasions. You don’t want such a chaotic visual story on top of your table every day.

What are some style ideas you’ve implemented on your table? I’d love to know how you go about decorating this area of your home. Drop me a comment below if you fancy.

Image credits: Terrariums, Table Runner, Antlers, Pendant, Festive, Plant, Flowers, Fruit


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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6 Responses

  1. Hey Chris, thanks for sharing these amazing ideas and tips. I never know this even can possible to bring something like this. I really loved the way that you have adjusted a flower pot along with the mat under the table. Great Improvisation.

  2. Incredible decorating ideas! Last week I moved to my new apartment and I unpacked everything. Now I want to decorate somehow my dining room because it looks kind of sad. Thank you a lot for sharing these ideas! Now I know what to do with my table!

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