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hamilton lamp with green glass base from temple and webster

Affordable Table Lamps Online: 60 of Our Fave Styles

There’s nothing better than mood lighting in a room, right? I personally prefer it over turning on my overhead lights at night. Bright downlights make me feel like a perp being interrogated on an episode of Law and Order: SVU. Leave the lights on long enough and I’ll confess to crimes I never knew I committed.

With that in mind, I thought it best I share with you 60 of my fave affordable table lamps online. Because who wants to go into stores right now? I much prefer to stay in my PJs with a wine in hand and shop away.

And I know 60 faves might sound excessive, but I’ve broken them up into different style groups because I know each of you has your own distinct aesthetic going on at home. I think I have most bases covered.

To help you select the right one, I’ll also share some tips with you at the end of the post on how to choose a table lamp for your space. Because one should never rush this decision and I want you to get it right.

The lamp and image above is via Temple & Webster and you can see more of it here.

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table lamps with exposed bulbs

Table Lamps Online: Exposed Bulb

Who doesn’t love the gentle hum of an exposed Edison bulb? Keeping the bulb in your lamp exposed like this allows it to become an eye-catching moment in your space. If you don’t want a lamp that bright, opt for one with frosted glass instead (it won’t be as intense that way!).

If the brightness of an exposed bulb table lamp feels a step too far for you, perhaps a sensible shade lamp is more your style. Below are 12 of the best, and they’re anything but boring.

table lamps with round fabric shades

Table Lamps Online: Sensible Shades

A fabric shade is a hard option to beat when it comes to your ideal table lamp. The light isn’t too in-your-face, the overall vibe is pretty subdued, but you get just enough interest in the base of the lamp so it doesn’t feel too boring. So many gorgeous options here. You’re sure to find one you love!

Maybe the table lamps above feel a little too subtle for your home. If that’s the case, I have a brass collection below that’ll inject some luxe vibes into your room.

table lamps with brass base

Table Lamps Online: Best in Brass

Whether your home is mid-Century in style or something more contemporary luxe, an injection of brass is just what the decor doctor ordered. These sorts of lamps will fit into more than just those two design styles though. They all feel rather elegant and will definitely being a sense of sophistication to your space.

OK, so you’re still not there yet with finding your dream table lamp. Fear not! If a more rustic vibe is what you’re after, scroll on down to hit my boho-coastal roundup.

coastal boho table lamps blonde timber base

Table Lamps Online: Boho Coastal

How popular has that laidback Boho Coastal look become? I know so many of you are digging it, so I know the 12 affordable table lamps above are going to suit your home to a tee. They’re wonderfully rustic and packed with subtle detail. It’s everything that’s so good about the boho coastal design scheme.

OK, the time has come to unleash my fave of all the affordable table lamps online that feature in this post: the contemporary ones! It’s definitely my preferred style, so scroll on down and let’s fall in love.

contemporary black table lamps

Table Lamps Online: Contemporary

There’s something so striking about all of the contemporary table lamps above. They’re by far at the top of my lust list. Be it black, white, or a lamp with a little colour, I just love the shapes and angles of them. Hopefully you find one from the 12 that you love too!

How good is the image below via Coco Republic? It features the Frye Table Lamp which I’m totally in love with.

coco republic brass table lamp in chic minimal luxe bedroom

How to Pick the Right Table Lamp

So you’ve cast your eyes over my roundup of affordable table lamps online. That’s half the job done! I do want to make sure you select the right one though. They’re all gorgeous, of course, but there are a few things to think about before you click ‘Buy Now’. I’ll share a few key tips below for you.

Where Does It Switch On?

This is a functionality issue a lot of people don’t consider, especially when buying table lamps online. But think about it; when you’re in bed or on the couch, do you want to have to get up to find the switch on a long cord? Or do you want to reach under the shade and flick it on that way. It will honestly make a huge difference for you day-to-day.

What Are You Using It For?

Lamps with fabric shades create mood rather nicely but aren’t exactly bright, whereas lamps on a stem with a head you can move around are great for reading next to. Exposed bulb table lamps are awesome too, but the bulb can be really bright to look at, and aren’t ideal if they’re in your line of site while you’re trying to watch TV. So consider these issues before you buy.

Is It Too Heavy for the Table?

The weight of the table lamp you buy is really important. How hard is it to knock over? If it’s sitting on a narrow console table, think about how sturdy the table underneath the lamp is. Can it take a concrete base, for example? A lightweight timber leg lamp would probably be more suitable here. If you have kids this is especially important.

How Wide is the Lamp Base?

Consider the width of the base and how much of your table it’s going to cover. If it’s for your bedside, you might need space for other elements like a clock, or candle, or plant. Don’t just go off the image on the website and hope for the best. Measure the base out on your table and then figure out if it’ll dominate the horizontal plane too much.

Is It The Hero or Supporting Player?

This is not a huge make or break rule, but it is important to look at your room as a whole and decide if you want the lamp to be a focal point with some wow-factor, or if you want it to blend into the background. If you want the wow, then the base might be more elaborate, or the shade might feature pattern. And if it’s going to blend, the look of it will be more simplistic.

I hope this post has helped you pick out some affordable table lamps online. If you follow the above tips I reckon you’re going to end up with a lamp you really love. Feel free to drop me a comment below and share your fave from the roundup. I’d love to know what you’re coveting. 


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  1. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for this overview and the tips!
    I am about to order a lampshade from LivsLamps https://www.customlampshademaker.com/bespoke-lampshade-shop/choose-your-fabric-lampshades but I am very uncertain which size would work best on a built in timber desk (actual piece of timber tree, not a straight shelf style) that is 40cm deep and 102cm wide. It has white walls at the back and sides that go up 50cm (and then just the open stairwell behind it). The table lamp can be the centre piece and there doesn’t need to be much else on there. I like the white bases that she has in the photos which are quite large and Liv recommends the lamp to be 40-42cm. Is this too big? Would you be able to give any guidance on sizing by any chance?
    Cheers, Maaike

  2. Just moved into my new apartment and I want a cute outdoor lounge for my balcony. I have my eye on the IKEA solleron!

  3. Hi Chris.

    Thank you for your newsletter this week and every week.

    I just wanted to thank you for the sixty table lamp ideas.

    I saw the one I like and couldn’t believe it is from BigW.

    Thank you again Chris, you prove its not always about the cost of something beautiful, and you offer people on all budgets ideas on how to decorate their home.

    Robyn xx

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